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  1. f--- me. Had a dominant punt PTS, 3s and FT team with Simmons, Drummond and Capela as my core guys and now 2 weeks before the playoffs start things are looking mighty bleak.
  2. Ricky balling out against his former team. Hopefully previous year's post ASB Ricky is here again to stay!
  3. Damn, they are stretchering him off the court. Does not look good at all.
  4. Just went down with what looks like a knee injury. Looked like he was in considerable pain.
  5. He's been doing this all year. Super low key stocks guy who is also going to help your FG% and is a major plus on TOs. If you're punting points or 3s he is gold.
  6. Seriously... Pretty awesome to get a top 10 assist guy as a FA pickup. Typically really hard to get assists after the draft.
  7. He's more than a safe drop in standard leagues. Just keep an eye on the minutes in case they become consistent.
  8. LOL I held onto him for this game for some reason and dude comes in during garbage time and gets two TOs with nothing else.
  9. Would be tough to sell him at this point unless you're getting a top guy that fits your build better. It's not like Blake is a pillar of good health either.
  10. Yahoo still has yet to update his position eligibility. This guy plays mostly SF/PF yet he is only listed as a PG. I guess we need to get on their case. You can vote for it here:
  11. Huh? The guy is running the offense. It's a good thing he is not just jacking up shots.
  12. I've watched quite a bit of him so far and I am still kind of wondering the same thing. The only thing I can really make of it is that it seems like he is super quick out there on defense and bouncing around all over the place.