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  1. It’s got to be his conditioning. He ain’t jumping for no rebounds. Maybe he’s worried about his knee?
  2. Frustrates the hell out of me when bledsoe doesn’t look for any kind of shot. Annoying as hell. He should be attempting atleast 12fg attempts a game.
  3. So you’re saying it’s him not wanting to play, not the wolves holding him out to tank?
  4. I’m more worried about if Kat breaks a nail, he’s not questionable for another 5 weeks to be honest.
  5. Just got an offer lebron for my Kat. Thinking of pulling the trigger... As timberwolves first priority isn’t to win games...
  6. All I know Is instead of warming up for today’s game in a few hours he’s tweeting about call of duty.
  7. Honestly if he doesn’t play tomorrow I’m going to lose my sh|t!
  8. What a crap ejection that was! This league has become so weak. The players and the refs have become nothing but weak as the years go on. keep going book!
  9. Does not surprise me 1 bit. Ryan Saunders not Commiting that Kat is coming back this week tells me he still won’t play this week. No wonder the wolves organisation has been shambles for so long. Because of the people running it. Also Ryan Saunders is a terrible liar. You can see through his face he’s lying when he’s talking.
  10. Right now I couldn’t care. I just want him to play this year!
  11. Shocking half! It annoys me so much when I see Rubio and oubre attempting more fg attempts then him.