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  1. It’s his wrist not his knee. Everyone would have lack of cardio without playing for 30days
  2. Nba tentatively resume is in 30 days. That gives Kat another 4 weeks from now. What excuses are wolves going to say now? Only thing now it just put him through surgery.
  3. I have embiid and Kat. I should be smashing it in my league. Instead I’ll probably get swept first round of playoffs.
  4. I dropped this guy. Sabonis TJ and brogdan are ahead of him at the pacers.
  5. Yeah kawhi is a damn hog these days!
  6. He will be back. They could’ve easily said that this is a 6-8 week injury which means season. The fact is they said 2 weeks means there’s a good chance he returns back.
  7. My playoffs start on the 16th of March. So I got to hold him and hope he comes back. I think he will come back, as he’s already had 2 weeks off and another 2 weeks will make it 4 weeks, which is plenty of time. If they were going to shut him down they would’ve just said it.
  8. Fractured wrist. Re-evaluated in 2 weeks. There’s still hope men!!
  9. Kat just tweeted a video playing nba 2k and has no wrap around his wrist or anything lol.
  10. My playoffs start March 17. Surely he’s back by then. That’s 5 weeks from now.
  11. I bet ya if he was at the all star game he would be playing tonight.
  12. Honestly this guy belongs to the waiver wire. I put him there he’s been picked up so many times by others and dropped.
  13. Has this guy always been average with his free throws?
  14. Never again will I draft this guy. Don’t even care if he’s there in my 10th round! Bloody big baby!