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  1. This is false. In the 3 games Finley started last year, Mixon received 6 targets, 3 catches for a total of 54 yards. Our boy Gio himself received 7 targets, 5 catches for a total of 47 yards in those 3 games. 4.3 targets, 2.6 catches, 33.6 yards a game for cincy RBs week 10-12 while Finley was starting in 2019. Mixon did have 63 rushes over that stretch, but Gio is nowhere near as talented a rusher, and I expect Perine to grab some of the early down work. ****, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trayvon Williams started to get more work too. We should expect to see a lot of 3 and outs on this Bengals offense as long as Finley as at the helm, which is obviously good for no one.