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  1. These playoffs have been Gile Pile's worst nightmare. Everything that could have gone wrong for him, did. Everything he predicted would happen, didn't. What's weird about his situation is that he isn't even from Boston. Laker hatred of his magnitude is reserved for Bostonians only. The Lakers have no rivals other than the Celtics, especially not his Raptors who are about to spend another 30 years mired in mediocrity.
  2. Once the players all become healthy and non-contagious, there's no reason they can't continue the season and play in empty arenas (like the original plan). The number of playoff games will be maximized and the regular season will be severely truncated. A group of us here run an auction draft, playoff-only league and I'm looking forward to doing that again. @superjew @Code of Hammurabi @Ajax @v1n5anity @Pirate @RedDogNamedClippers
  3. Your league should just finish the season without fans.
  4. From a skinny "bust" to an All-Star. Proud of the kid.
  5. So proud of this kid. He didn't ask to have a father like that.
  6. His FT% has been dropping for four straight years. Weird. 16-17: 77% 17-18: 76% 18-19: 73% 19-20: 61% What's going on? He's only been the #17 player in 9-cat this year.