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  1. If you are receiving Davis then yes, I'd say do it. Not expecting big things out of Gasol or Vucevic this year, and Kemba is overvalued.
  2. Thanks for your help on my question... Don't know much about auction leagues TBH, but I find Towns is always a safe bet because of his durability.
  3. Hi, I am one of the top teams in my keeper league. It's a 14 cat league, with 2 active spots for each position. Each team has 20 players and we keep 15. I have an offer on the table from another team that is rebuilding. I trade: Porzingis & Rubio, this year's 5th round pick (last pick in the draft) and next year's 3rd round pick I get: Lillard & Jaren Jackson, this year's 5th round pick (6th in the round) and next year's 2nd round pick I'm inclined to do it, including Rubio gives me slight pause, but Dame is a clear upgrade there, and more importantly, he is playing this year, whereas Kristaps is likely to sit. Jackson may be the best rookie from this year's class, and I think can probably be roughly comparable in value to Rubio as early as next year, and in the long run probably moreso. What do y'all think? This is my squad, BTW Durant Paul Aldridge Horford Covington Rubio Milsap Teague Adams Nance Johnson Porzingis Bellinelli Favors Burke Ellington P.J. Tucker
  4. I think Justin Holiday is going to come out and solidify a role on that team pretty quickly. Yogi and Jaylen got a lot of competition. Holiday really has none. Somebody has to score, even on the worst teams. Help?
  5. How much should I take late season Spurs rest into account as a factor?
  6. I would disagree that Harris has a higher ceiling, Aldridge I think could bring a surprising return if Leonard is out for a while, or if all this talk of making him comfortable is more than just talk. Wait til season starts!
  7. Didn't see how to delete a post, so I just edited to be a nothing of a post. Sorry!
  8. Team is in signature... Two problems with my team... First, that I drafted 4 centers who are not PF eligible, second, Nurkic is going to screw up my FT%. Aldridge theoretically solves this. Someone offered me a straight up deal. Do I take it? Alternatively (or in addition to?), somone offered me Gobert and Barnes for McCollum and Gasol. It doesn't really solve my problems, and in fact creates a new one (I will only have 2 PG, and there are ZERO good PG on the board). But Gobert is a potential first rounder, should I take the deal?
  9. In the end he just made the picks. D'oh! I would've drafted Mitchell, Isaac and Dedmon. If I could have come away with that plus Barnes or Beverley I woulda been pretty happy.
  10. I'm in a 12 team keeper league (15 keepers this year and next), which has no F or G positions but rather starts 2 of each position (i.e. 2 PG, 2SG, 2SF, 2 PF, 2C, 2Util). My keepers are: CP3, Cousins, Porzingis, Hayward, Milsap, Rubio, Horford, Teague, Aldridge, Covington, Brogdon, Johnson, Hood, Favors, Nance Jr. I don't have any picks until the 3rd round. Someone who owns picks 10-12 in the first round has offered me all three for any of my big men (not sure if that includes Favors or Nance Jr). Assuming Aldridge is the lowest he will go, would you do it? Here's who is off the board so far 1) Lonzo 2) Fultz 3) Josh Jackson 4) DSJ 5) Tatum 6) Fox 7) Markkanen 8) Aminu (guy missed pick) 9) Nitilinka vets still on the board include: Taj Gibson, Ilyasova, Ingles, Dedmon, Boban, Corey Joseph, For the picks I would probably take: D Mitchell, J Isaac and Dedmon. I would also have to get for a player in return to balance the trade (and give up my 3 lowest picks), I could hopefully get one of: Barnes, Bradley, Beverley, Wade, Mirotic, Warren, Redick or Crabbe Basically, I said all that to say this: Would you trade Aldridge and 3 low picks for 3 1st round picks plus one of those players? WHIR