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  1. 16 team 9 cat H2H league. Should I trade my Kawhi and Mikal Bridges for his KAT? I'm need of a C and I want to open up a roster spot for when Prince returns from IR.
  2. 16 team 9cat H2H league. Another owner wants my K. Anderson. I don't like anyone particular from his team, but no other owner seems to find Anderson tradeable. I'm need of a C (or at least of a PF) and then of a PG. I was thinking of sending him 3 proposals. 1. Anderson for Mirotic 2. Anderson for Dinwiddie 3. Anderson + Kawhi for Giannis. What do you think, in what order of pure ROS value should I try these trades? Thank you very much and have a happy new year.
  3. Wrong thread, ask in Assistant Coach for trade advice please.
  4. My Horford and Siakam for his Capela and sweet Lou.. I still count it as a win, but it was almost 2 weeks ago, so I believe I could get some more now with Siakam..
  5. 16 team 9cat H2H league. I'm in need of a C (only have Capela, M. Robinson and Bobby in IL - Vonleh doesn't count as a C). I have a lot of SG/SF (Kawhi, Prince, Lamb, Ariza, K. Anderson). Lamb/Ariza/Anderson have no trade value in my league, so I was thinking of flipping my Prince for a C. What players do you think I should go after? Thank you very much. Leave your post for whir.
  6. Thanks for the replies. We would also do it with Siakam instead of Prince. What do you think about that?
  7. 16 team 9 cat H2H league. My Al Horford and T. Prince for his C. Capela and J. Isaac. Thoughts? Thanks
  8. I should mention that my only C's are Horford, Bell (and Bobby who is a drop or IL for the next 2 months) in a 2 Center league. So if I have to drop Bell it must be for another C. If I drop JJ (and keep Bell - and Bobby in IL) I can have a PG of a C.
  9. I'd go with Kyrie's side. Probably Embiid is the best player in the trade, but with the other 3 you get elite depth. Thanks for helping in mine.
  10. 16 team 9 cat H2H league.I’m in need of a PG and a C.Currently I have James Johnson in my IL spot, but I also have Bobby Portis that I could slot there.My probable drops are J. Bell, P. Siakam, K. Anderson, T. Ariza and whoever I don’t keep for IL between Portis and JJ.The WW has M. Fultz, W. Hernangomez (potential starter?), T. Burke, J. Poeltl, P. Gasol, D. Powell, J. Clarkson.My questions are:1) Who should I keep in my IL between Bobby and JJ.2) Should I make any moves for the FA I wrote, and if yes what?Thanks a lot.
  11. If instead of Rondo I can get Simmons? Or instead of J. Rich give up Prince or RHJ?