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  1. FYI Ariza in the remainder of this season could produce that with his new role in Portland. Reddish indeed looks to have turned the corner but his 3's may not be as consistent as Ariza. He is an all-around performer for sure. I'm considering dropping D Hunter but these two seem so similar.
  2. Larry and Drummond sound like they can produce together as displayed in the last game. The only factor is how soon will Love be shut down? Achilles is a serious business.
  3. It is frustrating understandably. PJ and Wagner are similar in their current value while PJ gets more minutes. (5-10 min) PJ's consistency is also worse than Wagner given the games so far this year. Actually, he is barely roster-worthy in 12-team leagues -- Bad fg% ft% TO scoring It's when he fills the stat sheet with 3 3's 3 steals and 2 blocks, that gets owners hooked up. The only base to hope for is the more minutes after the break but he still has Bridges as a big barrier for max production. It's not so crazy to drop this dude for players on waiver. He is only an okay stash.
  4. He has one of the most impressive stats per TO ratio, perhaps I’ve ever seen.
  5. Applaud for the dramatic turnaround and showing that he is still a great player. Prime example of a player who needs a delicate load management.
  6. He is kinda like Damion Lee in the way that even with plenty of minutes, they aren’t consistent.
  7. Crowder also wasn't the only blocker for Melton. He ultimately played better when Morant wasn't on the court. I don't see the needle moving so much yet. I hope I'm wrong though...
  8. Great summary, thanks. I disagree with Melton’s outlook. They seem more crowded for his role/position.
  9. My first pickup in this waiting period. He was already roster worthy and with Spellman out, he is a great flier if still available on wire.
  10. Bad for Melton as it’s more crowded in his position. Memphis should unload.
  11. What makes Juancho so better than Spellman? I find that a possible scenario.
  12. Hope they realized Melton is the man to take over that role.
  13. What's the noise about this dude? What's his ceiling? According to his recent games, doesn't seem that impressive.
  14. With Nene gone to Atlanta, Bell definitely deserves a long look.
  15. Only useful based on match-ups. Coach will continue to run small ball.
  16. Agreed. His recent surge has a lot to do with injury, slump, and match-up. When everyone is healthy, ironically there are too many mouths to feed for the youth movement. They are mostly scoring types in Graham, Rozier, PJ, Monk, and Bridges. They need to exchange for players that excel at other categories.
  17. Isaiah Thomas once talked about how he had his last injury before retirement, relating to his mentality. When he started to take his mind off, injury happened. Irving doesn’t seem so in tune about leaving legacy in his career. Just frustrating to see him injured so damn often.
  18. Hope is not a strategy. But what is it about ‘2nd half’ or all-star break that people consider a breaking point? Some witchcraft?
  19. Yes I agree, we've been through this many times. He is that inconsistent. People bring up last year when he improved after asb for hope but this year shows no reason to believe he will do the same. My biggest concern is his chemistry with Washington. They rarely thrive together... in stats at least.
  20. Harden is truly great when punting fg and to. Dame for him would be a yes for most if not all. Butler is producing different stats than expected so he just wasn’t the owner’s favorite in my view. what would be the reasons to trade harden away in the first place? He can rest games here and there and still retain #1 rank.
  21. I think Shai and Kelly cancel out. And Capela and Irving are comparable in value depending on your build and needs. Shai is very fun to own of all of those. Irving gives you more confidence mentally haha
  22. If that pleases you that much... Sure!
  23. This trend should translate to his 3 pointers... and he becomes a top 10 player at baseline!
  24. Learning cool facts like that is so cool. It's also a great tribute for Kobe. What was his TOs and 3s at the time? Hard to imagine that ranks for #1 in today’s league. Any other memories of Kobe in fantasy?
  25. With Drummond’s statement in mind, it might not be a bad idea to believe Drummond will stay. Pistons management should use the energy instead to add pieces around him better than how they had done previously. Folks in this forum believe that Wood is a reliable big man who would be able to fill in for Drummond’s spot due to his upside in numbers. In real life, he is just not even close to Drummond. Let's not confuse numbers to represent a player's true impact in game. Drummond shouldn't be the first option on offense. Pair him with a first option guard or forward. Then, Detroit would be a decent team for sure.