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  1. Pop has been the same trickery as you mentioned. However, White’s recent games suggest that he himself is just trending up regardless. If you have a drop, he would be a great candidate for a streamer to start. My suspicion is that White is slowly turning around. He will definitely have a better 2nd half.
  2. Yes. My concern with Garland is his horrible fg% and TO -- the team even seems to support this in the name of youth development. White doesn't turn it over much by nature. His weakness is definitely 3s.
  3. One factor is the trade of one of these PGs. It's such a group of average guards. They will want to pick and choose which one fits their roster the best and use as assets to rebuild.
  4. I also agree that current rotation is working for the team and also for the efficiency of Melton. However, we all want volume in stats as well. What could possibly go wrong if Melton took over Crowder’s minutes?
  5. Gasol’s recent performance is more of an outlier than an expectation for ros - 6 3s? Was there any indication that Gasol struggled from fatigue? I would think the guy is aging. And he just happened to have one of his better games in return. Did Conley struggle from fatigue? Hmm...
  6. Yes, if he is on wire and you need a chance to be competitive, you need to run now to pick him up. When it comes to interpreting signals, a player will always be overly optimistic about their outlook. Objectively, their current starting lineup has a great chemistry — Conley will continue to struggle unless he adjusts his style to fit.
  7. Educate me here - what was the point of waiving him in the first place then?
  8. Dipo should be good by the playoffs and hopefully Bryant doesn't get hurt. My concern is that Shai is arguably better than Westbrook on his own. Derrick Rose lacks 3s and stocks badly. Even if the rest of your team is a perfect fit for your new players, you just helped the other team immensely. I think it's almost veto-able.
  9. I smell trade... it's happening very soon...
  10. Watching both Rose and Brown, one thing I've noticed is while both are great at penetrating, Rose is just much better at finishing. He is just a better offensive threat in many ways. However, why Langston Galloway?
  11. You shouldn't expect much for his FG%, FT%, and PTS. But everything else, he will fill it up. His ROS is bright af.
  12. Given the path to minutes for the rest of season, how much will he improve in the second half of the season? He hasn't played up to his potential with 30+ minutes in the past 2 weeks. His value is an end of bench player at best at this point.
  13. Keep Simmons. He is silently playing better than he ever has in his NBA career. Ayton hasn’t even got in his rhythm yet.
  14. I feel like there is a certain number of players who are trending up as ‘hot’ for more user engagement. I hope ESPN steps up to tighten up Yahoo’s relaxed stance on information delivery and accuracy.
  15. One problem is that they change their opinion every game. In case of Divincenzo’s last two games, it’s almost as if two different parties are taking turns to say their own things.
  16. He seems to be shooting less than before, affecting actually in all facets of game. Not a good strategy... Let him keep at it and break through!
  17. Perhaps. I also see that the team is using him very effectively. For him to rank at 47th with his minutes, his efficiency takes a good portion. If he gets more minutes, he won’t be as efficient as his recent plays.
  18. So what do we have here? 4-23-11-5-1 with 0 TO
  19. While happy and proud to have picked him up minutes before his last game, I’m trying not to overreact (Although that is one of the fun factors of this forum). We all got burned by those who showed flashes. When everyone is healthy, I’m concerned he would quickly go back to a borderline add in 12 teams for particular builds only. Is he considered a corner piece by the folks of Timberwolves?
  20. I wouldn’t read too much into pre-season. These two will be great. It’s a matter of them staying healthy and building chemistry. It will be a thing of beauty.
  21. Thanks for clarifying - this news should make more drops from teams. However, I’m still holding strong for things to happen 😎
  22. Why can’t we complain? Yes he’s from the waiver but it’s true that his fg% is negatively impacting many of us. Don’t shut down the signals - it’s definitely interesting that someone of this level of performance struggles with shooting so bad for so long. It’s a great topic indeed to discuss players and moves that could help different team structures. I drafted Drummond and Gobert as my first 2 picks and with the unexpectedly high number of TOs from these and Graham on the team, I decided to rebuild for 3s and assists. Now my TO isn’t as competitive any more. Fg% can be managed to somewhat above average as well.
  23. This hype is so much... Wood is good but he’s not that good man. His recent games where he played mid 20 min are not impressive. The only great one of late was against Washington with 22-7-3-0-1 with 2 3’s and 7/9 shooting. Also keep in mind that once Wood is recognized as a primary weapon (if he ever becomes one), it would be so much hard for Wood to produce at a good level. In case of a trade, his numbers won’t translate per playing time as much as people expect here.
  24. Agreed that they aren't really to be compared. But re: Sekou’s stats in Euroleague, the numbers usually don't correlate that way especially when the kid is young - he already grabbed 10+ boards last nite. Also, the leagues are different where NBA tends to value the dynamics from player physique and athleticism.
  25. This guy has the confidence to just flow through the game. He doesn't force anything. He is one of those few who makes it look so easy. Players like Tmac and Brandon Roy had a similar style of play. Pick him up right now. His outlook is bright. 😎