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  1. I agree with Derozan and KAT idea being unlikely. As far as Noel, his production won’t necessarily correlate with increased playing time to set a realistic expectation. OKC definitely wants to trade Adams but it’s matter of finding that other team(s) to trade with.
  2. It looks like a slightly beneficial trade for you but also question why bother even make it 3:3? They are too similar to justify the bother.
  3. Agreed with what you're saying here. Also even without watching him play, his latest stats and its pattern makes you think wow this guy can burst out scoring.
  4. One surprising thing I noticed was his court vision and passing. He has that team engagement with another mate to make him hard to stop like Chris Paul does. (not equal but comparison)
  5. This kid is so unique and valuable with his 3 and Ast ratio he forces the owner to make changes. I was gonna punt 3 but then I got Graham. Lalala
  6. This guy shoots 47% in catch and shoot situations - #1 in the league currently. What was peja’s numbers at his prime?
  7. Agreed with all of 7614 is saying. My take is he will improve and produce more consistently as season goes. I see him at 75-80 rank with a bit more AST and TO than expected.
  8. Sounds exciting! Please elaborate how his potential is higher. For his scoring ability? Wood would be as good as anyone imo.
  9. This kid hits 4 3s in the first 6 min and the coach benches him OTL He does make some silly mistakes but the team should realize iso play shouldn’t be the go-to strategy and let everyone run and gun more. Ball would thrive in that. Ball Redick Zion Ingram Favors would be fun to watch!
  10. This guy is oozing with potential along those like Wood, Wagner, A Holiday, etc. He is a stash in deep leagues already.
  11. Okay Payton (I love to say this name again as my first pair of ball shoes were his) has stocks but how is his defense overall? What's the average points scored on him? What is the easiest way to access these numbers?
  12. I think Aron would be a good asset for contenders to consider but with Ayton not even being present on court, it's difficult for Phoenix to risk it. I would definitely trade mediocrity for youth with upside.
  13. Was full of hopes and dreams at the news of Bryant injury (to be honest). One scenario I never thought was an injury to Wagner himself...! I’m sorry for the injury plagued season. Cheers for those injured - get back better than ever and show what you can do!
  14. Agreed - also a fan of Thybulle here. Gotta pick up Glove Son if available! Outlook is bright folks.
  15. Meanwhile, we tend to overvalue the ability to fill the stat sheet which applies to Damion in this case. I remember players like MckDaniels (correct plz) who could fill the stat sheet like Gerald Wallace style but he never lasted long. It's more of the values that the organization believes they need. To me, he passes the eye test for sure - present everywhere. It's interesting to see what decision will follow.
  16. If you believe Payton will keep this level of production ros and you need defensive stats.
  17. Wow. Amazing. Of course he's scooped up already.
  18. For your desired team build, trae and Paul/Oladipo would potentially be a good pick up for you. But keep in mind that Jokic is coming alive now. You can demand more. Jokic isn't a typical big man so keeping him is not bad either. Just sell Brogdan for inefficient stat stuffers.
  19. One thing I find strange is when some folks make it a bad thing to complain about the player. This is a discussion post, not let's hold pinkies and pray together. This ongoing discussion has been great with an objective view on players and their fit.
  20. Looking forward to Memphis clearing way for Melton to thrive. ✌️
  21. It’s mind boggling to think players of this caliber are just available in g leagues. Wasn’t Whiteside also from d league or something? I’m sure there have been some more. I would love to see more players like these in the NBA.
  22. They are all massive in upside. I'm also compelled by DJJ and I think it's his stocks and efficiency. Winslow doesn't concern me much. Even if he comes back, he is so fragile. DJJ will only get better.
  23. Interesting as both have a pretty good outlook if you can be worry-free of their injury. They can both fill up the stat sheet but Lonzo does it a bit more inefficiently. One is a pass-first PG who can reb and Bog can make 3s. I like Lonzo more personally. Points is an overrated category to me.
  24. I expected this kid to flop after that huge game with ~15 rebs but he actually looked surprisingly good in real life. He got into the head of Oubre who had foul trouble all game long. Lee will be signed by GSW soon. Let's see how they manage this.