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  1. This. Graham has potentially a bigger impact if you account the specific needs - I'd think he is top 15 if you punt fg and to. Holmes is highly ranked due to low TO and high %s. The counting stats are weaker compared to Graham.
  2. The way this kid gets into the paint and softly lays/floats the shot was impressive. He seems natural with it and made several of these. He is extremely quick. Once he starts making his 3s, watch out.
  3. Regardless of severity of injury, it's not crazy to drop him if they are struggling at this point. It's not like he played well this season. Better opportunities are on FA for sure.
  4. Oh shiet... this might cost you championship... (says an owner)
  5. Meanwhile, Dieng is producing comparable numbers to KAT. Sometimes I think the difference between these players isn’t as much as people make it out to be.
  6. Elf is a great fit for fg to punt teams. Much of Murray’s value is from efficiency. So I would think it is a fair comparison among those team builds.
  7. Agreed that yahoo is high on this guy. But he has definitely been serviceable for 12 team league of late with a good potential. Made a speculative add but considering Brogdan and Lamb healthy, my leash will be 3 games max until drop.
  8. Mind boggling to see so many posts to this thread. This guy is absolutely a killer in fg to so unless you’re punting those, he is not rosterable in 12 team leagues.
  9. He missed a few games with small injuries already. Maybe too early to call him that. He does show signs of being fragile.
  10. I think they are similar in value. Both are injury-prone. Washington is more all-around. Elfrid fills the stat sheet too but inefficiently. Used my last waiver pick for this dude... now fingers crossed...
  11. I'd go with Bryant. Their front court is showing injury proneness and he was playing well before injury. None of those apply to Conley unless he somehow finds his way back to his previous form in Memphis. I'm currently holding Conley in 12 team league without any IR spot left.
  12. So much uncertainty for Oladipo. The guy has yet to play a game. Paul can very much sustain a similar level of production. I would monitor a bit longer to make a choice.
  13. Looking at his stats from last year does make it hard to believe a player can fall off so much in such a short time. Any conclusion as to why? We probably beat it to death but it’d be nice to summarize insights so we the owners figure out what to do.
  14. Yahoo advertises Melton who gets 16-7-4-1and calls it a gem. Rondo’s previous game was 11-7-5-2 and they say he won't help owners. Next update to call him assist specialist. This is so mind-boggling what's up in the writer’s mind! Is he Chris Paul?
  15. When will Dragic and Winslow be back? Even with them healthy, will Jones hold value? Is he worthy of playing time? Oh yes. Will he? I don’t know.
  16. I guess it's also kinda weird to announce 'PJ Washington has scheduled to have a surgery on his fifth finger.' It is hard to believe he will be back in 10 days though. I tweaked my back a bit about a month ago and I'm still inactive.
  17. That would be hilarious. If that was the case, we would've also noticed that he's out of the team's play. The observation so far is that he's not making the shots he normally does. Now is that due to the transition? A career slump? His age suggests he should be slowing down anyways. Rating him as top 100 player in ROS, he is droppable in 12 team league.
  18. A shooter like him who can defend will have playing time wherever he goes. I'm pretty sure teams would plan for his 3 as well. How does he get open so much? I'd guess he's a great off-ball player?
  19. Yes, also he is a modern big man with a fantasy friendly game. No one had really talked about him before game 1 - he was pretty unknown. Most of thread also is due to his inconsistent production making it hard to measure his value.
  20. Mahimni is the factor I never even considered. Dropped for Poeltl for now. But Wagner still has opportunities down the road. Time will come. Maybe not right now. He should be monitored.
  21. I’m actually looking to add as I need ast and 3s. Rondo is always hated by Yahoo blurbs but he’s always produced like popcorn. Some of his recent games are still eye popping good.
  22. This guy looks like an excellent specialist in 3 and steals but doesn’t get the chance this year with Ja and Tyus in front of him. I enjoyed owning him and Mikal last year on Phoenix team. They are similar but I like Melton’s upside numbers much more.