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  1. While drop is not the right move here, he has definitely been underwhelming to say the least. The anxiety also comes from the unexpected usage of players on the team - Bridges was to have a high usage but Hornets actually has a wide range of players that can get hot. He may end up with a similar numbers as last year.
  2. I found his game 2 stats to be nice - in 15 min, 2 3pts and 6 asts 1 to? I will be watching closely for the game is interesting without Holiday for sure.
  3. He is definitely a stash at the moment. It will take about 10 games to get more comfortable - patience! His defensive talent is undeniable. Even if he only gets stocks, he will be valuable, especially after all-star week.
  4. He's a proven all star that wants to yield ways for young guns to learn and improve. I believe the overall agenda is youth development. I can see him remaining as a mentor or getting traded for an all star big who can shoot.
  5. The only thing to consider is team structure - Drummond's team is presumably punting ft% along with other categories. The categories that AD adds may still not be your strengths. Plus the injury risk
  6. Denver is stacked at guard spots. I owned Harris last year and he just never showed up. I value McGee in a similar way but at least he is a block specialist which is more rare. Comes down to your needs. NAW did well today with 6 asts and 2 3's in 14 min. I'm now considering White for my drop as well. I have the #1 waiver pick. Call me high on Brown.
  7. I'd drop Harris for Brown. Harris has been trending down for a while whereas Brown looks motivated this year. I'm debating between NAW / Thybulle / White for Brown in my case - easier drops than yours. Let me know your thoughts.
  8. I see him improving a lot this year - the new environment will definitely increase his usage. They didn't pay him for nothing. Boston management wants to use Brown at max scale.
  9. Had to choose between Bacon and Graham. I'm very proud of my choice. He plays like a true PG with a good control of the game. My prediction for this year: 2 3's - 13pt - 3r - 6a - 1st - 2to
  10. Drafted Ball and NAW - 2/12 .167 at the half time. I'm punting ft% and points with Drummond and Gobert as my first 2 picks. WIsh me luck...
  11. I'm impressed as well. He's looking like a top 50 player right now.
  12. Obviously gotta pick him up but at what cost? With the FAAB Bid system, I wonder if I should go all in at $100. I'm also worried then I would lose on claiming good players as the season goes. Thoughts?
  13. I think he is underrated this year because of D Jordan. He will get more opportunity than expected while Jordan takes more of a veteran support with efficient stats - the trend is for Allen to get more PT into the season. Should be better than last year for fantasy stats.
  14. What was the adp and the resulting rank of Lebron in his rookie season?
  15. This guy vs. D. Jones Jr. Who is your pick? Very different players. I think Herro will be limited in rotation for being a rookie. Jones Jr. could take the next step with more minutes.
  16. Who else liked what they saw from Fultz today? He's super fast and acrobatic. His jumper looks stable as well. He is ready to develop in the NBA style baby. Definitely going to crush his ADP as well. I'm targeting in the last 2 rounds, if he's available.
  17. This guy is definitely one of the sleepers. He can easily go under radar because he hasn't proven as much compared to other available players. I find his ceiling to be 2 3's / 2 stls / 1 blk I would gladly pick him up at 7th-8th round.
  18. Oubre for me. Miles hasn't shown he can make shots and score as much as Oubre has last year. Oubre is also a great bet for 2-1.5-1 guy. I would pick him up at 6th-7th, if available.
  19. I prefer to punt because then you are taking advantage of the game. While everyone else is competing for 9 cats, you are playing potential 8 to 7 cats - this is huge. Suddenly Westbrook and Drummond become 1st round value players for you. Into the season, In FA pool, I can afford to pick up a player that others are afraid to because I don't care about that weakness. I believe your winning rate is higher with a punt strategy because you are selectively giving up a category or two and reinforcing your strengths further more. As long as you can focus on 5 cats that you are confident in. You are on your way to championships. My favorite punt is TO because players with a high TO rate tends to be dynamic in numbers as well - imagine Harden, RWB, Simmons/Doncic, etc. I find FT% punt less attractive these days because there are many emerging centers that can shoot those - I don't find it necessary.
  20. I'm not sure about Wiggins. He would be more of an obstacle -- how to win with Wiggins on my team? My bold prediction: Ingram will break out to be a 1/1/1 player. He will be top 80.
  21. What are your expectations for his average this year?
  22. Once Ayton can make 3s, I will sign up then. Very shy with 3s/stls/blks, he just doesn't feel like a 2nd round pick. I would pick J Collins ahead of Ayton. He seemed to have figured it out towards the end.
  23. Dwight still has a chance to be relevant in this league. Also not to say that he hasn't been. He doesn't have jumpers but he can very much run with the fast pace and play good defence. Capela may have surpassed Dwight in fantasy but in real life, it's not that far off.
  24. While Kyrie is indeed more of an exciting player with a higher upside (although he didn't really show that in the past 2 years) They are fairly similar in value at this point of their career. Even with injury, I would say they are equally prone to it. Just gotta pick and choose categories based on your previous pick.
  25. I wonder about this as well. Even last year when he had occasions to play extended minutes, he never was given that time fully. This year is a better bet for his playing time, thus justifying his current ADP. However, what are the current risk factors? Bad coaching? Foul trouble?