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  1. It’s not like we’re going blind on ADP here. Fantrax may not be the ultimate resource but it’s ADP is better than nothing and it appears Yahoo and Fantrax’ ADPs we’re close to my selection.
  2. I made both of these picks. I think I got solid value for Hiura in that he is an elite hitter who has recently developed legitimate power into his game. I think he'll be a top 25 player for years to come, although with MI in particularly deep this year, this selection could have been improved. He hit .303 with 19 bombs and 9 SB in half a season's AB. If you extrapolate it to a full season, which has it's obvious flaws, you get a line very similar to Javier Baez' 2018 near MVP season. With Robles, there are few players that provide plus values in SB but don't have negatives everywhere else. The tools are real, and with appropriate rounding, he went 15/30 last season. The OPS sucks, but he's 22 years old. I've followed Robles for years in the minors so I have a bit of bias, but I believe in the hit tool and think with the current scarcity in SB Robles is a bargain
  3. Max Acosta is quickly becoming one of the best prospects in the 2019 J2 class. The Athletic has an incredible article on Acosta for subscribers and Baseball America is very bullish on their writeup on him for their Rangers Top 10 too. He was not a top prospect in the class, signing for only $1.6 million, but he's both improved physically and has an incredible work ethic. Some snippets (first three from The Athletic, second from Prospects1500, third from Baseball America, bolded portions are for emphasis): There's a lot to dream on with Acosta. If he crushes it in the Arizona league next season, as a 17 year old, he'll likely be a top 25 prospect this time next year. He would have a very similar resume to what Marco Luciano has now and has the potential to be a very quick riser.
  4. Trout v Acuna seemed like a really tough choice but after giving it a closer look, Trout for sure was the top option for me. Acuna, naturally, has a lot of hype surrounding his near 40/40 season but I wanted to put that in the backseat and think if he's going to achieve that next season. The basepaths are a bulk of Acuna's value, and nowadays, teams really want to make sure their superstars don't get hurt. It wasn't too long ago when Trout himself was a 40/40 threat but then all of a sudden he stopped running. Stealing bags leads to injuries and no team will put their star into that risk if they can avoid that. Given that Trout's value comes from categories that aren't SBs, giving him a higher floor, selecting him made more sense. If Acuna steals 40, he will likely be better than Trout next season. If he steals 20, Trout will be the better option. I'd rather take Trout now and build around SB-based players later.
  5. I'm now in, the league invitation blended in with other Fantrax emails.
  6. While this has been true since Chapman was acquired, Dellin was tested out as a closer earlier in his career to no avail. Mariano retired in 2013, with that David Robertson was next in line and immediately became the closer in 2014. Dellin, recovering from injuries, rose his way up NYY's bullpen, received an All-Star bid, and established himself as a high-K 8th inning set up man. That offseason, Robertson leaves in FA and the Yanks sign Andrew Miller to set up Betances. Miller at this time was a good but not great set up man for Boston and was traded earlier that season to Baltimore in their run for the AL East. This happened at the same time Zach Britton broke out as his first year as a closer and Miller at no point was closing for the O's. Entering 2015, the Yankees closer spot became open due to Robinson's departure. Betances had every opportunity to take it and run but kept blowing things up in the 9th. Although not signed to become a closer, Miller took over, dominated, and the position was his. Chapman was acquired the first time in 2016 and then at the trade deadline, him and Miller got dealt to the Cubs and Indians respectively. Betances again couldn't establish himself as the bonafide go to guy in New York, so when the opportunity came to sign Chapman in free agency, the Yankees pounced. Betances has had opportunity but has never been able to seal the deal. I'd imagine Betances will cost a top 150 or so pick, maybe higher, if there's hype for him taking over for the Mets. Unless things have changed with him mentally, I do not think he is able to close in the 9th given his history with the Yankees.