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  1. All the power to you my dude, the thing is those of us that drafted around 9-12 this year were **** outta luck (sidenote: So damn tired of always getting bottom pick in my league). The options left on the table all had question marks: Beal, Kyrie, Paul George, Kawhi, Butler. Injury history/ load management. I bet all my chips on kyrie and his ceiling with hopes of Brooklyn competing for the 8th seed come march. I knew it was a gamble in october and here we are.... Watch when I refuse to draft him next year and he plays 79 games and finishes top 8 lol.
  2. Pretty good game. Taking a flier, why is the hype low with Collins out?
  3. Back to the topic, watching Charlotte is so damn painful. Everyone trying to get their shots , zero ball movement. But I guess that was to be expected. Holding on to PJ tho, even tho he will have swings I think he’ll be more consistent than some of the other young guys people own right now
  4. Well, i think thats a weird thing to say. We’re all here to share hype or give our input to maybe tone down peoples expectations. After that its YOUR own responsibility to asses if the player is worth owning. The player having 30 pages won’t make you lose or win your league. A player like PJ Washington having 20 pages after one week is one of the reasons I use this forum. Also the Thybulle thread is hilarious too and you could call that ”managers hyping up someone” I suppose. But just speaking for myself, here.
  5. H2H 9 cat - dropped. Sucks because I know a main rival in my league who will probably scoop him, but he's just "watch list" atm for me
  6. Watching since this summer. I took him over other players with similar projected stats solely off the eye test - I just love his game. Just a pleasure to watch. I don’t think these first two games are a fluke it is very much sustainable. Just watch the play he did just now in the third. A clean as f steal and then off to the races on the fast break, goes up for the layup, gets contested and finds cp3 for the dish just before he to lands on his feet. Love his energy
  7. Lol already getting the lowball offers for him. Hang tight fellow owners, nothing is final yet.
  8. lmao same here. Now watch as Kawhi plays 78 games and Embiid plays 80 with two quadruple doubles while we’re stuck with Mr. Diuretic
  9. I don’t get it. Please help me. Who here has a Phd? One takes diuretic to hide some other substance that you’ve taken from a drug test? Did he want to hide weed or performance enhancing stuff?
  10. Welcome to the forum. You can post questions like this in the assistant coaches forum, where you will get a lot more replies (they belong there).