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  1. He plays PF exclusively. His competition for minutes at that spot are Derrick Williams, Josh McBob and Luke Babbitt. Consistently outproduced them all year. The only danger is if when all of Miami's perimeter players are healthy, do they play Winslow at the 4. Winslow likely sees some time there, capping James Johnsons upside, but I dont think he plays an awful lot of time there. 25 minutes of JJ should be safe enough
  2. He gets one of those threes to go down and that line is very juicy. Has to have earned a role by now even with Justice coming back. Most productive player for Miami at the 4.
  3. Ive got no idea what to make of his minutes. 17 minutes the previous game with Babbitt and Williams and McBob getting run. 35 tonight in a lot of garbage time, but he had the most minutes at half time as Miami worked there way out of a hole. Hopefully theres just 27 minutes for him out there on a regular basis.