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  1. Should i drop him in a 9cat league? Do you see potential in Kidd-Gilchrist ?
  2. Apparently towns doesn't fit right in my team. I am discussing with an owner to give him for Jokic and Middleton. Do you think its a smart move ?
  3. If your playoff seed is secured do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682928-trade-for-towns/
  4. Hello guys. I thinking of offering Horford and Eric Gordon for K A T. What do you guys think? My team is in my signature. I am first in my league so i have the comfort of stashing LaVine without an IR spot. Its a 11 cat league. ( 9 cat + a/to ratio, 3pt %) Thanks!
  5. I sent a proposal to another GM. Drummond for Holiday. He is thinking about it. Im also thinking about sending Drumond for Melo. What do you guys think? Thanks
  6. how is FG% an issue with Leonard Drummond Whiteside and Horford?
  7. Hey guys. I had the 9th pick and picked Leonard. 13th team Roto Please look at my team below and give me some feedback. In espn's draft projections im first. Thanks! Jeff Teague Evan Fournier Kawhi Leonard Hassan Whiteside Al Horford Eric Gordon, Warren Andre Drummond, Dwyane Wade Nikola Mirotic Allen Crabbe JaMychal Green De'Aaron Fox