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  1. This makes sense until you look at the fact that he was not out there in empty WR sets. There is no formation around the defense with that. Mercedes Lewis was.
  2. Guys, don't get me wrong, I loved Allison at the beginning of the year too. Got him in 3/4 leagues. But lets be real here. With Graham healthy again he is currently 4th on the pecking order. He was a dart throw at the end of the draft. The biggest concern, is that he was not out there in empty WR sets. So it had nothing to do with the scheme against the Bears. You wanna know who was out there? Mercedes ******** Luis. When you can't beat out Lewis coupled with a low target and snap count while being the 4th target, there is absolutely no reason to hold. On to the next.
  3. Berry just said he’s starting Gordon in all his leagues. Sit everywhere.
  4. Probably will pitch today when Sonny Gray gets blown up as he normally does at home. He has the potential to be an eventual #2 starter but not much to see for this year.
  5. Harvey doesn't have his location today. Getting behind counts consistently.
  6. He hit 97 on the gun last night.
  7. What a catch by Confronto... Read the ball perfectly and timed it exactly right.
  8. Wheeler strikes out the side. K'd the last guy on a 98mph fastball. God damn.
  9. Wheeler locating his fastball anywhere he wants at 97-98 right now. Impressive start to the game for sure.
  10. Nope, but 8BB/11SO in the past 15 games alludes to the fact that his shoulder is most likely still affecting him. (shout out to all the people who never had major shoulder surgery and dont understand the impact). Most people took him in the back end of the draft regardless so the hate in this thread is kind of hilarious.
  11. As a fellow yankee fan, I'm quite disappointed. He has all the tools to be an immediate impact and he's been touted for a little while now if you follow any of our minor league players.
  12. Yonder Alonso. Heating up and facing all rightes this week with two terrible pitchingstaffs.
  13. I feel like I've heard this whole "long term cardinals closer" speel before...