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  1. QB Mahomes RB CMC RB Ekeler WR Ridley WR Gordon WR ???? FLEX ??? TE McDonald The options to fill my WR and Flex spot: RB Darwin Thompson WR Mecole Hardman WR Demarcus Robinson RB Devonta Freeman WR Will Fuller thanks!!!!
  2. Hamate? If so that’s not good. I’m no doctor, but I play one here.
  3. As a Cardinal fan I have him in both of my leagues (a redraft and keeper), because our staff has been abysmal. Kid should he given the chance to run w the gig, imo. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter to the brass.
  4. Who’s going the distance? Who’s getting shutdown? Rank em please.
  5. Yahoo doesn't have him as a pitcher, only 1B
  6. My apologies for not perusing the thread before posting. And it is worth the comparison to Trout because they’re generational talent. It’s not like we’re comparing Brett Lawrie to Trout here.
  7. Do people remember Trout's initial call up? Apparently not. Feel like a lot of people that don't have him are really trying to live it up while they can. Fwiw, it looks pretty pathetic. There really should be little doubt this kid will be a star. His redraft value may have taken a hit, but dynasty-wise he's still an absolute stud to have.
  8. Is the run over? Feel like I'm holding him for no reason.
  9. Keeper? Early 1st round. Redraft? Early 2nd round. That's without putting much thought into it.
  10. Why are we talking about ticket prices in here? Praise Vladdy you heathens! My team name has been Who's Your Vladdy? since I drafted him. Anyone else with a Vlad team name? If so, let's hear em.