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  1. Totally agree about hitters. Hoping to take advantage of a shortened season, but yes, they could all be hurt by Opening Day in May or whenever. Heh
  2. And not much research... how did I do? I also didn't have a lot of picks. Traded a few (rounds 2-4 essentially) at deadline last year for a couple pieces. 12-team H2H 6x5 (standard w/ OPS) Keep 3 C Smith 1B Voit 2B Hiura 3B Vladito- K SS Correa OF Trout- K OF Judge OF Robert UT DeJong UT Edman BN Pollock SP Bieber- K SP Wheeler SP Luzardo SP Lucchesi RP Robles RP Lugo P Kuechel BN Caleb Smith BN Eovaldi BN Alex Wood BN DeSclafani BN Reynaldo Lopez I think my offense can hang. I think my pitching is atrocious. Thoughts? WHIR
  3. I’ll answer your questions in order. Many valid, and many we have encountered. Our league is 12 guys all from the same area, but like any group some of us know each other better than others. So, we would see oftentimes someone like me (the commissioner) who is close to all 11 other owners have more opportunity to make deals than other owners who may only know half of the league well. It made it seem unfair, imo. And honestly, that’s a huge reason for the rule, fairness. It’s not fair for me to get more deals because I’m better friends w the entire league and may see all of them more than others, and way more than a few other owners. Drinking w your buddies has closed many a deal. I feel I’ve already answered the second part of paragraph two. However, the first part, who decides a seller is declared after your first deal following the free-for-all deadline? You do. Again, the selling period happens a for 4-5 days after the free-for-all deadline. But once you “buy” or “sell” during the Selling Period you are that for the entire SP. You cannot be both a seller and buyer. if you want deals involving throw-ins and multiple players, do it before the free-for-all deadline. The reason only one draft pick can be allowed is to keep the counter offers easy to figure out a winner. If three owners want to counter a deal that’s say a 5th round pick for Vlad Guerrero and a 12th pick in return, then the original buyer (as we call em) will offer a second deal along w the three owners that want to counter. In this case, the counter offers must be better than a 5th round (so a 4th at minimum). This is so counter offers can’t just counter to raise the price. After the seller receives all four offers he will pick the best. None of the buyers know what each other offered, so it’s actually pretty entertaining waiting to find out who won the deal. To answer another question, we do not try and figure out who’s 4th round pick will be better, per se. I understand what you mean by that, but it doesn’t come into play as we don’t know for sure until season ends. (In our league winner of consolation title gets the first pick and so forth 1-6. Then the champ gets last pick and 2nd place 2nd to last pick etc). However, if three owners counter with the same offer then the original buyer gets the deal. If two who aren’t the original owner tie, then it goes to waiver order. Tie breaker winner then moves to bottom of waiver order. Again, it’s still the Wild West when it comes to trading until the Selling Period. So if the deadline is Aug 1 then have at until then. But from Aug 2-5 you’re either a seller or a buyer. I’m telling you, the action is insane during the Selling Period. I bet we had 30 deals last year over those 4-5 days. Saying that, it’s a pain in the a** to keep up with as I post all deals in a text thread and then update we counters and deals are made. It’s wild, but it’s fun as hell. Btw, I appreciate the discussion.
  4. You have my attention. Not kidding, it's become a highlight of the season. I'm interested in your reactions though. Tell me more...
  5. I've had to implement what I've termed The Selling Period. It spans 5 days AFTER the trade deadline has passed. Basically, any deal that is accepted during the selling period can be countered by any other owner. After a trade has been agreed upon, I post it to text thread. Every owner has 24 hours to counter the deal. After 24 hours has passed, all the owners that texted they wished to counter do so. The seller then picks the best offer. The issue for an auction would be deciding the value of each player. Because what we do is only allow a pick for player (and return pick) trades during the selling period. This enables it to be fair, since a 6th round pick beats a 7th round pick, etc. You can only offer one pick for the player, so it's not like you have to decide between a 6th and 8th round pick vs say a 4th round pick. This allows for all owners to have a fair shot at players, as one owner may know the seller better than another owner. It's become the highlight of the season other than the playoffs and draft, as it gets absolutely crazy at the Selling Period. Everyone not in it is dumping, but the important part is all buyers have a similar chance to acquire players being sold. Edit: There are other rules, like no seller can have more than two picks per round through the first 7 rounds. Also, no buyer can have less than 4 picks in the first 7 rounds. Things like that to keep a balance.
  6. QB Mahomes RB CMC RB Ekeler WR Ridley WR Gordon WR ???? FLEX ??? TE McDonald The options to fill my WR and Flex spot: RB Darwin Thompson WR Mecole Hardman WR Demarcus Robinson RB Devonta Freeman WR Will Fuller thanks!!!!
  7. Hamate? If so that’s not good. I’m no doctor, but I play one here.
  8. As a Cardinal fan I have him in both of my leagues (a redraft and keeper), because our staff has been abysmal. Kid should he given the chance to run w the gig, imo. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter to the brass.
  9. Who’s going the distance? Who’s getting shutdown? Rank em please.