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  1. Who is slomo? I like tyreke more. Thanks for helping on mine
  2. I've been offered Mike Conley for my D'Angelo Russell. Should I take it? Thank you! WHIR
  3. Jesus christ what a line 31pts 10reb 10ast 2stl 3blk 13/17fg 2/3 threepts
  4. You have no choice but to wait out Otto. Can't just drop a mid-round pick for an FA (especially not a hot one). It's still early in the season to say that Otto will perform like this ROS
  5. Do it and run! Don't look back bro. Kawhi is a beast--and he isn't even at his best form! He will just get better as the season goes by and he improves chemistry with his team
  6. Levert has upside, while Kanter is trending down due to the surge of Mitchell Robinson. I'd gamble more on Levert
  7. I'd keep the Harden side. He's still in a buy-low window--you might regret it when Harden feasts on you when he reaches his mid-season form
  8. I like the upside of what you are receiving. I'd do it--you have too many 3pt shooters already. You also improve on BLKs too I
  9. Depends on your team setup but I'd pick Vucevic and Redick more often than not, if all else are equal
  10. Dipo. Bledsoe is a not going to perform to his ADP this year
  11. Kawhi no doubt. He's already so good but will just keep getting better.