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  1. Iirc on the Ringer's Mismatch podcast either Kevin O'Connor or Verno speculated that it could be the big televised MLK Day game vs Memphis on Jan. 20th. Don't think they had any sourcing but that's one of the takes out there.
  2. Was resigned to his mediocre stats but he's been pretty solid as of late. Last 10 games: 20 pts ~5reb 1.3 blks on 50% FG and 43.2% from three. This is what he's gotta do to help me justify my pick if he doesn't improve on his rebounding - give us the scoring with great 3s while keeping his efficiency solid. Definitely happy with him lately.
  3. Hindsight is obviously 20/20, but I commend you Trench Mob. Bam is averaging 5.1 assists for this entire month of December (10 games) and for the season is: 15.5 pts 10.6 reb 4.5 ast 1.3 blk and 1.3 stls on 55% FG. Pretty damn close to those predictions way back in August. The question was always if the assists were for real, and I'm so damn happy they are.
  4. Josh Lloyd for a while was preaching that Nunn was falling into obscurity and drop territory while Huerter is more of a season-long hold, but Nunn has really picked it back up lately and I'm glad I stuck with him. I wouldn't be surprised if he remains a better option than Huerter.
  5. I agree. George Hill and Wesley Matthews are both 33 years old, and since December started WesMath has been shooting worse and worse. At 22 Divincenzo has the potential to be their future starter, don't see why he can't last, especially if WesMath continues to struggle. If Divincenzo's offense gets consistent he will be a fantasy monster.
  6. To me that's more incentive not to play him this season. He already suffered a setback injury once during his rehab. And after what has just happened to all the Warriors players (KD especially), no team is rushing a 30-year old back to play this season when there's nothing at stake. They want to protect his health so they can evaluate his fit with the team and either drive up his future value for a trade or make sure he's healthy so they're a playoff factor next year. The fact that they applied for a disabled player exception signals to me the team really doesn't even want him back this season. Last month the team owner Ted Leonsis said "next year we will have John Wall back," and all along since the injury they've been preaching patience. Nothing to me signals they're interested in bringing him back this year. I could always be wrong so I don't want to say anyone else is wrong, but every vibe I'm getting from the team is that they are waiting until next season to see Wall play.
  7. Yeah that's what I was saying I'm doing, I was just interested in discussing because the uncertainty just makes it tough to evaluate Hart's value in comparison to other waiver wire guys who may also be long-term holds like IT4 or Bertans or whoever else starts to look good. Whether he is more or less likely to have season-long value affects who you might drop him for or how long of a leash you might give him before dropping. Was just seeing how people felt about him. I think personally even though he's been producing he gets a shorter leash because of the unlikely long-term value. Wasn't sure if others agree
  8. This guy is one of the toughest T80 guys for me to predict. He's still producing, but for how long? All I can do now is ride it out, but can he still have value with everyone healthy?
  9. Deep leaguers should be picking him up and anyone in dire need of those big man stats should be on watch.
  10. Hot take speculation here: But I have to think that with as well as Luka Doncic is doing, they kinda have to forcefeed Hunter all the minutes and usage he can handle. They want to put Hunter in the best position to succeed because the Hawks basically gave up Luka Doncic for Trae and their rookies. In order to make the organization look best they have to make Hunter look like a hit. Fantasy game aside he should be given a super super long leash, so at the very least I don't think he'll ever be in the doghouse this season.
  11. Even ESPN, who doesn't care enough about FBBall to take Kevin Garnett, Metta World Peace, & Paul Pierce out of the free agent pool (and on my first 5 pages at that) has already had the decency to give Prince PF/SF.
  12. Yeah I'm a bit confused by the premise. Do we really need to "stash" Dejounte Murray if he was a T100 draft pick, he's producing at about his expected level, and I haven't seen anyone talking about dropping? If we're just talking about young PGs in general Ja Morant is outside the T150 in 9-cat, and barely T100 even when punting TOs. But at 27 mpg I feel like he will have a great second half and propel himself into the high mid-round discussion next season. If we wanna talk about guys who have actually been on waivers, definitely D. Graham. If we wanna talk about guys who don't belong - Sexton. Empty cats scoring he's basically a slighlty better (or slightly worse honestly) Jordan Clarkson. Low assists, low reb, low stocks, 3s aren't even off the charts, FG% isn't that great. Even if he scored 20 ppg he'd be a worse Lou Will.
  13. Not saying they're likely, but here are some ideas: https://hardwoodhoudini.com/2019/11/13/breaking-3-steven-adams-trades-boston-celtics-can-make/
  14. Gotta be a good sign. All different injuries, but I was curious so decided to look (dates might be off, just a cursory google search) - DeMarcus with his major injury was assigned Dec. 10th and returned around Jan. 18th. Jabari with his major injury too was assigned around Dec. 18th and returned around Jan. 2nd. Guys like Ingram, D'Angelo, & Rondo all had lesser injuries iirc and returned in a week or less. Hopefully, if he's on track, we could be looking at around a month or less for his return.
  15. Posting this gif is a time honored tradition here on Rotoworld. So glad it's coming for my boy Isaac.