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  1. Yeah, those are the two good games in his final 7. In his other 5 games in his final 7, he went 17-169-0.
  2. No, it’s accurate info. Go look at his game log. He had a big week 10 and a big 4th qtr in the game in which he was injured. Other than those two games, tell me what he did in the second half. In weeks 9, 11, 12, he wasn’t even a flex play. My whole thing is Chark shouldn’t be trusted as a WR1. Way too inconsistent, and he flat-out had a worse second half than he did a first half. That’s not even debatable.
  3. Yes, but his numbers had been dropping for more than a month before he was injured.
  4. Yeah, but his QB on that run first team still was on pace for over 4100 yds and 35 TDs, which is more than enough to support a fantasy WR. Going into his second year, I expect Brown to make progression in his game and total targets. He had 7 targets or more 5 times, and they were all over the final 10 games of the season, which is a bit of an encouragement. I’m not proclaiming Brown to be a surefire WR1 this year, but I think he’s going to challenge for that. In my Half-PPR league, he was the WR15 in 2019. With a full season with Tannehill under center and the expected progression from rookie to sophomore, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Brown make a leap.
  5. Not just questions about his ball skills, but also questions about his route tree. He was a “run a go route and chuck it deep” WR at LSU. I’m honestly a little surprised by what he did last year and am still skeptical that he can reproduce it. But, I was very happy to see it and am definitely rooting for DJ. Superbly athletic kid who will likely be in the NFL a long time, but I still have my doubts that he’s a WR1...or a guy that I want to count on as my WR1. Looking at his game log, he had 7 games in which he had 4 or fewer receptions and 53 or fewer yards, including 3 of his last 4 games. Over his final 7 games, he had only 34-348-2, and this was not because of injury. I wouldn’t mind Chark being my WR2, but I just don’t see consistent WR1 in him.
  6. Timmy Smith still holds the SB rushing record. Avg’d 6.7 ypc in the playoffs that season. That didn’t mean he was a good RB in his career.
  7. Then he should be all over Burrow this year and fawning over Chase next year.
  8. If that was the case, he’d completely ignore CEH, who torched his Tide and led LSU to its first win over Alabama since 2011.
  9. I didn't say they don't plan on playing Dobbins for two years. I said possibly 2021, which would mean sitting him behind Ingram for one season. It's not Ingram's last year...he technically has two years left on his deal. However, he likely has one year left in Baltimore lol. I get what you mean about talent, but I won't get heated over that. I'm not a scout, so I just go by what I see with my layman's eyes. When I look at Dobbins, I don't see a better RB just yet, especially as a rookie. And I'm not even convinced Dobbins has a better career than Ingram has had. As you said, he needs to prove it, and that's the case with any rookie RB (including this forum's current favorite hype star, CEH). I'd disagree that Dobbins being 9yrs younger is better than 9yrs experience THIS season. Ingram, in 2019, was still a very productive back who didn't really show signs of slowing down. So it's not like he was looking like a guy on his last legs. Eventually (probably 2021), Dobbins being 9yrs younger will be a factor, but I don't think it'll be 2020. As for what Ingram earns in 2021, I'm not sure what that has to do with this year. I'm discussing 2020, not 2021. Not trying to sound rude, lol...just the second person to mention th 2021 season in quoting me. I guess because I said "possibly 2021"? I said that because Dobbins has to prove in 2020 that he's capable of taking the reins from Ingram in 2021 before they hand them over to him. If he struggles as a rookie, we may possibly see Ingram still in Baltimore in 2021...possibly, lol.
  10. I don’t think Dobbins overtakes Ingram this season. He’ll get touches, but I expect Ingram to put up similar numbers to 2019. Possibly 2021, but as I’ve said, I don’t think Dobbins is a better talent than Ingram. Younger, yes, but not necessarily better and definitely not as experienced. I might be wrong, but we’ll see.
  11. Despite what others have said, I think this is the best route...2019 carries over to 2021. Draft in 2021 based on the end of the 2019 season. Frankly, I don’t understand the argument to the contrary. If the 2020 season isn’t played, then why and how would you completely reset the 2021 draft? Doesn’t make sense...reset it to what? I don’t get at all how option 3 should be the choice in Eco’s first scenario.
  12. The reason it was absurd was because when he got to LSU in 2018, he arrived to campus just a couple of weeks prior to camp. He had no time with his team, especially his WRs. There was no chemistry, and LSU was still running the offspring of Miles’ archaic offense. But look at what he was doing in that offense over the last four games...thats when Burrow began to settle in and find his groove. Then between the 2018 and 2019 seasons, he threw over 10,000 passes to his WRs. That was also when the new offense was installed that was geared more toward Burrow’s skillset and familiarity. There was a combination of things that led to the absurdity in the jump in production. I have little doubt that if Burrow had been at LSU in the spring of 2018 and had been working in that offense and with his teammates, he would have been highly productive from start to finish in 2018. It was admittedly an extreme jump, but there are some factors than can lead one to reasonably believe that a jump from 2018 to 2019 was inevitable. Burrow even told everyone who would listen during LSU’s 2019 spring practice that this team would score 40, 50, 60 points in every game in the 2019 season.
  13. Look, I never said CEH wouldn’t eventually take the lead role. In fact, I’ve said multiple times that I believe he’ll eventually take over the backfield in 2020, and then it’ll be his alone in 2021. That said, as of this moment, in a redraft, I wouldn’t draft him at his ADP because Williams will be very involved early in the season. And if Williams stays healthy? Who knows what happens at this point.
  14. Why would taking him 4th in a dynasty league draft be unreasonable?