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  1. The Jags have two more weeks to activate him. I’m guessing he’ll be activated after their bye.
  2. Boyd is the slot guy, unless they made a change yesterday.
  3. The Diontae comparison was Thielen, not Jets.
  4. I disagree that Gio deserves a lot more playing time. When I see him with the ball, he doesn’t break tackles. He runs soft, and I’m not so sure he even deserves to be a primary backup in the NFL.
  5. Then put another back in that spot and get your best player involved in the play. But McCarthy isn’t known for his creativity. Your best player should never be relegated to pass pro in that situation. Figure out a way to make him an option to get the ball.
  6. And that’s fine, but their best player was kept in to pass block. And there are creative ways to run the ball with a back like Zeke other than pounding him into the line.
  7. And not just that...have Zeke stay in and pass block on all three. I have never owned Zeke, but that was baffling.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I forgot about the draft capital of my players a LONG time ago. And how many guys actually put up 40 PPR points? Lol.
  9. If they don’t plan on signing him, then why showcase him? If they plan to let him walk, they’re concern isn’t a good landing spot for’s getting Claypool and Diontae all the targets they can handle and use JuJu as nothing more than a means to an end. Your suggestion is a very nice and respectful and heartfelt suggestion. But that isn’t the NFL unless you’re a HOFer on his way out...and sometimes not even then.
  10. If it's high-scoring, that doesn't seem to bode well for Drake. That would seem to lead to more drop-backs for Murray, and Drake has barely been involved in the passing game. Hopefully he can find a couple of creases in each game and break a big one, but I don't think it'll be easy.
  11. He has let it go...hasn't been itt in 18 days. Lol.
  12. My CSB after 6 weeks...I'm 6-0 and the highest scoring team in my main league. Of the other top six teams in the top 7 of our league, I've beaten five of them (three at 4-2 and two at 3-3). When not playing me, those five teams are a combined 18-7. In the last two weeks, I've beaten the 2nd and 3rd place teams who are now both 4-2 and are also the 2nd and 3rd highest scoring teams in the league. And I've had the 4th most points scored against me so far this season. Of course, posting this, I've now jinxed myself and will lose to the 2-4 team that I'm matched up with this week. I figure his lineup of Rodgers, Hunt, Monty, Lindsey, Lockett, Adams, Cooper, Ebron, and the Bears D will all go off this week. In this crazy 2020 season, that's what would make the most sense. Lol.
  13. I own neither, and at the least, I think it's a discussion worth having. Alshon plays the X...Fulgham has been playing the X. And in the three games he's been given a chance, Fulgham has been productive, including 6-75-1 against Balmer. I'm curious to see how Philly will get both on the field when Jeffery is healthy.
  14. Is your question a serious question? Alshon can't get healthy or stay healthy, and now there are rumblings that Fulgham has grabbed hold of the X. That doesn't mean Jeffery won't be involved, but if you want to pay more attention to the last name than what's happened on the field, go for it. I own zero shares of either, but Fulgham has looked every bit the part while Alshon has been gimpy and sickly.
  15. I hear ya. I peruse the waiver wire stuff each week, but I usually end up finding nothing useful because the players that's on everyone's waiver list are already owned in my leagues...even the players listed in here.