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  1. I think it's a certainty in Yahoo leagues that he'll retain OF eligibility each year, and it's probable in 10-game/start leagues. But those that require 20 games to earn a position in-season or to retain it the following season are probably looking at purely a DH/UT guy at the beginning of each season. If I had to wager a guess.
  2. What are the thoughts on Mondesi in 2020? There are some legitimate concerns this season for him, starting with the shoulder surgery that may not allow him to be ready for Opening Day. Even when he is ready, how effective is he going to be as a hitter and how long will it take for him to get back to normal? Just from a physical standpoint, it's going to take time for him to get back to himself because he's not able to participate in any baseball activities for 5-6 months. He had his labral repair on his left shoulder on October 3, making the 5-month mark March 3. The latest news I saw for Mondesi was on Dec 11 when Matheny said he's progressing well and is expected to be ready for Opening Day on March 26. How effective he can be by March 26 remains to be seen. And this directly impacts the one category that makes Mondesi the apple of some fantasy owners' eyes...SBs. He's a head-first slider, and unless he becomes a feet-first slider, it's fair to question how long it will take him to become mentally comfortable with sliding again. Will he attempt fewer steals because of this in the early going of the season? SBs aside, what kind of hitter do we anticipate Mondesi to be this year. He has awful plate discipline, but has still somehow managed to hit .268 over the last two seasons across 690 ABs. As an owner, I do find myself kinda waiting on the other shoe to drop with him and watch his BA plummet to the .230s and .240s. So what say you about 24-year old Mondesi?
  3. He’s an OF on every platform in 2020. He played nearly 2/3 of the season in San Diego last season.
  4. Are you sure he’s catcher-eligible in Yahoo? He only played 7 games and started 4, according to Baseball-Reference. That would make him fall short of the 10-game/5-start threshold.
  5. Just because an organization is well-regarded doesn't mean that it can't be having an underwhelming offseason.
  6. With Kole Calhoun signing with Arizona, what is the anticipated arrival time for Adell? Obviously, it'll partly depend on how he performs in AAA as well as the performance and health of Goodwin and Upton. But Calhoun moving on does certainly seem to open up the door for Adell to be up sooner than later.
  7. I’m still not convinced Urshela is anything more than a flash in the pan. Did he suddenly become a .300 hitter and a 20+ HR guy? I don’t know that he reaches either plateau in 2020. Maybe he does, but I’m just buying in right now.
  8. I don’t see Yelich approaching 30 SBs again next season. To be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t reach 20 SBs, even if he plays 150 games. The back, the kneecap. For leagues that draft prior to ST, I think you have to assume he’ll run less. And the injury potential will always be present. Back injuries don’t normally just go away.
  9. 12-team keeper...traditional 5x5...keep up to 8, plus up to 2 minor leaguers. In our league, we have offseason trading, so things may change for me. And I know it's early, but I'm looking at my offseason roster and thinking about who my keepers might be. So I thought I'd get the perspectives of the fine folks here in the BC forum. Players must be kept in the rounds they were originally drafted in. In-season free-agent pickups are kept in rounds 23 and later. Minor leaguers do not have a round designation. Players can only be kept twice (rostered consecutively for 3yrs). The "K1" means this would be his first year being kept..."K2" means it would be that player's 2nd year. So what do you guys think? 2. Alex Bregman-K1 8. Willson Contreras-K1 17. Matt Chapman-K2 18. Garrett Hampson-K1 20. Jorge Soler-K1 26. Bo Bichette-K1 FA. Pete Alonso-K2 FA. Adalberto Mondesi-K2 FA. Keston Hiura-K1 FA. Aristides Aquino-K1 FA. Trent Grisham-K1 FA. Frankie Montas-K1 FA. Dinelson Lamet-K1 I have other keeper eligible guys, but I don't consider them keeper material. My minor league options (keep 2 of these): Jo Adell, Victor Brujan, Cristian Pache, Dylan Carlson, Taylor Trammel. Thoughts?
  10. I'm looking for some fantasy baseball reading to do over the holidays. A couple of books that are out right now are The Process 2020 and Fantasy Sports Boss 2020 Fantasy Baseball Early Offseason Draft Guide. Has anyone ever read either of these? If so, what were your thoughts on them?
  11. If you were going to keep him as an OF in Tampa, I don't see why you wouldn't want to keep him as an OF in SD. I think his prospects for 2020 just went up.
  12. I think it's a positive. I don't think the stadium change will be that big of a deal because it's not like Tropicana is a bastion of HRs. In fact, I think Tropicana and Petco are pretty close in terms of HRs, right? And now you're putting Pham in a lineup that will surround him with better player, offering more opportunities for R/RBI. I honestly see the opportunity for Pham be a more valuable fantasy OF in SD than he was in 2019. Good BA, ~20 SBs, chance for more than 145 R-RBI, and I still think he hits about 20 HRs.
  13. As a Hunt owner in a keeper league (6th rd tag), I sure hope that you're wrong on that. Lol. I'd love (obviously) to see Hunt sign somewhere that will make him a lead back.
  14. I'll take his latest three games (since the Dolphins began the obvious move away from Drake) as more telling of the immediate future than the games he played on a different team last season (when he admitted his head was in the wrong place) or what he did in the preseason. I care about as much about preseason football stats as I do spring training baseball stats. Jmho.