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  1. Sure thing - I think Jeff talking about a draft between the 2 available teams, Please email him
  2. Our league has been in existence since 2014 but we lost 2 owners this year and need replacements.. H2H Cat scoring and obviously with $250 buy-in, some nice cash prizes. Please contact our commish Jeff for information at
  3. I may be interested - what is the scoring system - Roto, H2H points or H2H Categories? More information can be sent to
  4. I may be interested but so many unanswered questions. What kind of leagues fees? A redraft, keeper, dynasty? I will play on CBS or ESPN buy not yahoo or fantrax. I appreciate you want other input but without a framework, it will be chaotic right from the start. Here is my email
  5. I am interested. What website and is it Roto or Catergory?
  6. $100 or so league fee on CBS or ESPN. Reply here or email