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  1. Hey All, in a 12 team h2h pts league.Player pts: G=1, A=1, PPP=0.5, SHP=0.1, SOG=0.2, Hits=0.10, Blk=0.15Goalie pts: W=1.55, GA= -0.05, SV=0.05, SHO=3.5**Things to note: I have 2 - 3rd, 4th, 6th round picks.Players I own and draft cost. For example, if I keep Crosby he is my 1st round pick vs Tkachuk as my 6th rnd pick.I am thinking of keeping Crosby, Kane, Eichel, Rask and either M.Stone, M.Tkachuk or W.Karlsson. WHAT 5 KEEPERS WOULD YOU KEEP?:My Team:Crosby - 1st Round PickP.Kane - 2nd Round PickEichel - 3rd Round PickGost - 4th Round PickM.Stone -6th Round PickM.Tkachuk - 6th Round PickT.Raask - 6th Round PickProvorov - 7th Round PickM.Murray - 7th Round PickDahlin - 9th Round PickJ.Skinner -11th Round PickB.Gallagher - 14th Round PickTrouba - 15th Round PickW.Karlsson - 18th Round PickE.Gustafsson, C.Perry, J.Staal, J.McCann, Perlini -free picks (will be 20th + round picks)
  2. Could also drop MacNeil for any of the above. Thoughts either alonsonor MacNeil worth dropping for Dejong, Adames or renfroe
  3. Drop Alonso, who is the temp add: T.Ward, Adames, Bradley Jr, F.Galvis, Renfroe, Semien, DeJong, Nimmo
  4. Naw Hampson has potential but imho schoop>hampson
  5. In a 10 team h2h non-keeper. Worth dropping jomart or moncada for j.bell, wendle, maybin, bird. Remainder of my team is in my sig
  6. Have an open spot in a a 10 team h2h non-keeper. Who's the add: Winker, J.Bell, J.Hicks, I.Happ, Schwarber Maybin, Gallo, K.Seager, J.Lamb, hosmer
  7. any of these arms safe to start today or tomorrow: Urena vs PHI Hellickson vs NYM Minor vs BAL Voth vs NYM Gray vs SEA Samardjzia vs OAK C.Anderson vs PIT
  8. Hey Darin, drop Nimmo and Hosmer.. Great adds BTW
  9. Worth adding Jose Martinez whO was just dropped. If so who should I drop: moncada, Andrus(own story), soto or tucker
  10. 10 team h2h non-keeper. Worth dropping moncada, Andrus, soto and/or tucker to add: g.polanco, toles, cron, schebler, k.seager, reddick, zobrist, Jose martinez My team C-Contreras 1B-Freeman(3B), Merrifield(2B, OF) 2B-Moncada 3B-Arenado, Suarez SS-Andrus, Story OF - Soto, Acuna, Trout, Haniger, tucker Pitchers- Bumgarner, Greinke,McCullers,Cueto,Carasco, Morton, Severino,Wood
  11. Nimmo for me dropped him last week
  12. Hey Darin. Remainder of my team is as follows My Team: C-Contreras 1B-Freeman(3B), Merrifield(2B, OF) 2B-Moncada 3B-Arenado, Suarez SS-Andrus, Story OF - Soto, Acuna, Trout, Haniger Pitchers- Bumgarner, Greinke,McCullers,Cueto,Carasco, Morton, Heaney, Severino,Wood
  13. 10 team h2h non-keeper. Never seen k.tucker play but have been reading the hype. Worth dropping moncada, Andrus, Heaney to jump on the tucker hype train?
  14. I think I would do it. Baez and Freeman are superstars and combined > JD.
  15. Thank you for help on mine. Just answered yours as well
  16. JD in the 9th is a great buy. Question for you before I answer, who is your 1st round pick and if you get Freeman do you lose your original #1? Also, how many keeper stout allowed/year? Who are they and what # pick are they? if it's in your Sig I apologize as I cannot see it on my phone