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  1. @Coach George what’s you’re projection if Wander in the big leagues? He’s obviously the best MILB player, and there’s a lot of volatility in how players translate. But what kind of player comp middling case and best case do you see?
  2. I personally don’t view him as the .200 hitter Gallo anymore. More like the .230-.240 Gallo which is really valuable. I actually think he’ll be undervalued next year based on the injury. I am sort of worried about the hamate injury, despite the fact that it didn’t seem to affect guys like Stanton, Olson. He also has tons of power to spare.
  3. I’d like to join in. I’ve visited these boards every day since the end of regular season I lost a heartbreaker of a final championship week and for some reason it’s got me obsessed with not detaching at all for the entire offseason, which I usually did
  4. I get why everyone is saying Villar given how rare SBs are. But I would still personally go Moncada still because he has an outside chance of being a star. Moncada figured some things out last year and I think he has upside for more HRs and SBs. Villar is who he is and the chances of a season similar to 2017 disappointment are low but he is also getting older and SBs are his only category. I say chase the high reward and go Moncada. help with mine?
  5. What’s the 6th category? It could drastically change decision-maki depending on what it is without knowing, I’ll say Altuve JDM Bichette Sale Machado these guys have the highest upside so even though Machado and Sale disappointed, you have to bank on them bouncing back. For the last one, I’ll go Olson. He was a stud in short time and he’s on the verge of a breakout season. 45-50 HRs, .260-.270. With the foundation of hitting you have, I would recommend strongly considering drafting SP with #1 overall depending on who is available. Help with mine?
  6. His dominance in the playoffs might actually drive his price up to early 1st round
  7. So is he a lock to be in the bigs in 2020? Astros are probably losing Cole and Miley. Sanchez has shoulder issues Urquidy and McCullers probably are SP options but would be 4 SPs with Verlander and Greinke. Astros need to rebuild their staff somewhat. Despite the struggles this year I still see Whitley as the best SP prospect in a long time. His upside is still higher than anyone I can think of. I have faith that being in the Astros organization he’ll weather the bumps and setbacks
  8. To me he's prime Joey Votto, except not the low power year Joey Votto, the MVP one
  9. I can't picture him hitting less than .300 over a full season. He doesn't strike out and he's just always had a high BABIP over his career. I was going to say that he uses all fields but looking at his batted ball profile, it looks like he was very pull heavy this year. I think what we're seeing is a guy with power who realized that he could hit for a very high average, but without power it was pretty empty avg. So he sold out a bit more and lost some average. It's just a matter of finding the right balance for him. I'm expecting something like 28 HR, .305 as a low end next year for him. But if he really wanted to, he could go something like 18HR, .330 fairly easily. He's pretty underrated in my book.
  10. I did a poor job of hinting at the Kris Bryant rookie year reference
  11. Brock, do you see a Spring Training invite on the horizon? If so, over or under 9 HRs?
  12. Wow. I blinked and darn near missed the swing. Has there been better bat speed from the left side since Bonds?
  13. But what’s a good threshold? Nearly everyone’s HR/FB jumped up a lot. A HR/FB twice as large as previous year is an obvious red flag, but what about a 7% increase? 9% increase? Thats when it’s harder to discern if the ball helped a ton or if the player got better at hitting HRs
  14. Thanks for the advice. I too like Chapman and Smith. Hoskins I am for sure targeting in the draft next year. His fundamentals (K%, BB%) are too good for him to be this bad another year. Tough choices. Our league just became a dynasty league this year. The league also counts BBs so I’ve made up my mind before this past season that I’d go all out for Wander Franco and build my franchise around him.