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  1. After last night’s 5 hit game and his excellent 2020 season he’s the first guy I had to make a thread about. Going into 2020 it seemed like he’d be in the mold of Rhys Hoskins high power, low BA at C (at least some compared him to that). But this year he showed great contact skills and ability to hit for AVG too. -He walked nearly as often (14%) as he struck out (16%) -He drastically reduced his SwStr% (10% to 5.7%) -He swung outside the zone far less often (25% to 18%) -He hit barrels at a higher clip while making contact in the zone 90% of the time So in a nutshell, he may be the most improved player of 2020. His peripherals honestly look more like Alex Bregman to me now. The main question is: were these real skill gains? It was a short season but you can’t fake that kind of skill in 139 PAs can you? If this wasn’t a fluke he may well be the best C in the game right now
  2. I wish he did this during championship week for me. I still have a feeling him missing most of 2020 regular season should depress his price next year. If it doesn’t I’m out
  3. Lamer just seems like another Chris Archer type to me right now. Not buying and not expecting the 2020 success to continue
  4. theoretically, isn’t the rule of thumb that it takes 1/2 a season for the control to come back? Would hug be interested in Sev in 2nd half?
  5. I totally agree with you on Giolito's warts but at some point when players break out, you have to forget their struggles and realize they are different players. Based on Giolito's mechanical changes, and the fact that he has played well over the last 40 starts, you shouldn't be holding 2018 against him at this point. It's like the same thing with people who refuse to see Yu Darvish as a different pitcher from what he was in 2017 and 2018. If Corbin Burnes continues to show solid command and limits HRs (to go along with the boatload of Ks) in 2021, I certainly won't look at his awful 2019 and bump him down a few notches because of it.
  6. Would you consider Giolito a two pitch guy? He’s one of the exceptions you do like, correct?
  7. Very happy to see Giolito and Darvish ranked so high. For Giolito the knock on him seems to be his command and mainly being a 2-pitch pitcher (although he has a good slider he should use more). Can you articulate why you value Giolito more than guys like Nola, Bauer, Kershaw? Very curious to hear your perspective
  8. Why not drop Bogaerts and take Bichette? I’d rather have Clev over him.
  9. Is Bieber a consensus first rounder now?
  10. He cut down on the Ks but actually hit GBs at a higher clip this year. Someone get this guy to talk to JD Martinez or Josh Donaldson so he can join the flyball revolution.
  11. I said "First round is for guys that have proven it over at least a full season." I should not have been so literal 141 games for Tatis may not be a full season but that's pretty damn close and much more of a track record than 74 games played in Bichette's career counting today
  12. Btw, Tatis is considered by experts and scouts as a generational talent because he's faster, stronger, hits the ball harder, and has had more on-field success at his age than just about every other MLB player ever. Seriously. Do a Google search. Bichette is not the same age as Tatis.