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  1. He came down extremely hard, literally flat on his tailbone. Didn’t look good and even stopped walking while he was in the tunnel. Not sure how tailbone injuries work, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss a game or two.
  2. Having seen his injury and actually going through the same thing myself a year ago (very similar play), I can tell you that he will be out for a minimum of at least 1-2 weeks. Never good when a big man goes that high off the ground and comes down on someone’s foot. 260 lbs is a lot of lbs to put on a single ankle. If he comes back within 1-2 weeks, I’d be celebrating in the streets if I was an owner... But for those who have him on their roster, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more of a 2-4 week kind of injury.
  3. It’s very rare for an ankle injury to be considered serious if the player came back into the game and played on it. Yeah, a little bit of swelling might occur afterwards, but chances are it wasn’t that serious of a sprain if he came back into the game. You know when it’s a bad sprain. my guess is that if ANYTHING, maybe he misses 1 game, but it seems unlikely. my guess is that he iced tonight, we’ll stay off of it or do light work on their off day, and then court test it on Wednesday. On a production based note, this guy will be a lock for Top-75 value if Carter Jr misses extended time. The guy is already averaging 1.3 BLK per game, and he’s barely playing 12 MPG. He should have no problem being an 10pt/6reb/2blk guy with great FG% if he gets 20-25 Minutes Per Game.
  4. On the real though.... Any chance that MPJ gets any kind of consistent minutes in the mid 20's? Trying to decide if I want to hold onto him or if I want to take a stab at someone like McRae on the wire..
  5. He's a FG% Murderer...shooting 30.0 FG% over his past 10 games. And he averages 18 attempts per game, with 3.0 T/O per game and no defensive stats. Great guy to own if you have a PUNT FG% and T/O team, but a horrible guy to own if you don't have that kind of team.
  6. 9-4-2 at halftime. feeling another big line coming.
  7. Not sure what’s going on with his blocks recently, but I’m loving it.
  8. The Christmas that keeps on giving. Picked this guy up on a whim for Christmas day, and is now a mainstay on my roster.
  9. As a previous Paschall owner, he probably won't hold any consistent value until the 2nd half of the season. The injuries completely derailed him, and now with Dray starting to play more, he probably won't find 25-30 minute consistency until after the all-star break. If you can hold him until then, great. But if you're fighting for playoff spots, he's probably not a guy you want on your squad until he strings together multiple good performances.
  10. Sounds like a quote from a guy who missed out on GPII
  11. Dieng will be Top-50/60 the rest of the season if KAT somehow gets moved.
  12. Burks is by far the most likely to get traded, and a lot of contenders will be looking to get him due to his scoring ability for their benches. Lee should be staying over Bowman.
  13. Yeah...I’m starting to lean towards GSW keeping Lee. Bowman showed flashes earlier this season and has been solid, but the numbers Lee is putting up right now is going to make it next to impossible for GSW to not keep him, unless their objective is strictly to try and lose.