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  1. Not sure about the TD total...but feels like we're going to see a 11-165-1 kind of game, for which I'll be extremely thankful for
  2. I haven't been riding this particular train, but definitely feel like today's game is going to be a tough one. And Jags have seemed to be hesitant to throw him the ball consistently out of the backfield. Right now, I'm choosing between him and Kareem Hunt....and both have "horrible matchups" on paper.
  3. Teddy is out. Seems like this could easily turn into a 7-catch pass down kinda day for Davis. My projected guess: 13 Carries, 75 Yards, 1 TD // 6 catches, 42 yards
  4. I know he's done us a little dirty the past few weeks, but bottom line. I'm not going to be the one to not start him this week, and then see him go off for 25+ points.
  5. Yeah I've given this about as much thought as humanly possible over the past 5 days... And I am choosing to sit James Robinson tomorrow. I don't like this matchup, AT ALL. So much so that I was fairly surprised when Yahoo projected 15+ PPR points for him this week. This feels like a game that can get out of line quick, and it feels like a game in which the Jags will almost assuredly be pressured into throwing the ball. Yes, in previous weeks, they've stuck with the run even when they're down...but just feels like this could be a 24-3 kind of game by half-time. For me, the bottom line is this. The likelihood is fairly good that Robinson won't be going for more than 75 rushing yards, and at this point, it feels like this week will be completely dependent on whether or not he scores a TD. Feels like it's going to be one of two outcomes. Either he: Goes for 15-65-0 Goes for 15-65-1 [...]
  6. I'm honestly not sure if this has been brought up...since I didn't feel like reading threw the pages and pages of comments. The one thing that scares me this week is this being a "Sean Peyton" misdirection. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Sean Peyton "start" Tayson Hill, for the first play of the game, and then bring Jameis Winston in.