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  1. Why Eric Gordon has the INJ TAJ in the second game out? I was waiting until the third game with Herro and Aldridge. And now I play against Eric Gordon. ****.
  2. f---, while I was waiting...Now in my league are 0 good FA.... f--- It is a terrible mistake and it's not my fault. Yahoo is a turtle sometimes.
  3. Please, I need the INJ Taj for today... 3 GAMES OUT = INJ What happened? Hurry up !!!
  4. 3 games Out and he continues without the INJ in Yahoo.
  5. Mike Conley (left hamstring) has been ruled out for Monday's matchup with the Thunder. The best fa's for today are missing in my league. Thanks Yahoo for your Turtle speed.
  6. I need the INJ TAG!!!! Lonzo Ball returns today and he's in my IL...
  7. Possible return Saturday against Miami... 3 games out minimum WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE INJ TAG? 3 Games = INJ TAG
  8. Yes, in Yahoo too. I'm in a hurry. Please INJ TAG !!!
  9. In Yahoo only GTD. What happened? I need the INJ TAG NOW !!!
  10. Yes, what happened? It's a BIG problem. I can't make any move now.