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  1. is he worth spending #1 waiver claim in an 8 team league?
  2. Its close, but I think I prefer the Ayton Ariza side as well. I think theres a good chance Ariza becomes a good amount more valuable because of this trade; he's gonna be in a much better situation with the wizards. I also think Conley is the biggest injury risk/kind of old, and I might avoid him for that reason.
  3. I really need to clear a roster spot because I am losing games due to not having a stream spot. I'm wondering who the most droppable player I have is, or who I should try to package away in a two for one. Its an 8 man league so the waiver wire is super deep. Here's my roster: PG - Curry, Murray, Brogdon SG - Booker, Bogdan SF - Paul George, Rudy Gay, Ingram PF - AD, Barnes, Siakam C - Adams, Nurkic, Turner IR - Cousins, Ingram I think Bogdan is on the brink of droppable because the wire is so deep and he doesn't contribute great stocks or %, and I'd ultimately get more value from a stream everyday, but at the same time he does put up good 3's and pts. Eventually Ill need to clear a spot for my IR guys, but I have time for that. What do you guys think? Leave a link and Ill respond to yours as well
  4. I can only start 2 centers, so between: Myles Turner vs. MIL Steven Adams vs. NOLA Jusuf Nurkic vs. Mem Who should sit? Leaning towards Nurk because its the second of a BTB but if oladipo is back that could hurt Turner. All the categories are pretty tight so not really sure what to do. Thoughts?
  5. hopefully not. im sure a lot of his recent success is related to dipo being out, but I also hope/believe that some of it is due to him being more invested/motivated/aggressive individually, so i hope that he can retain at least some of his success. could just be wishful thinking tho
  6. I know this isn't the AC forum, but in general do we think Booker is a guy we should just cut our losses on and sell this year? Obviously this is an injury he can come back from relatively soon, but in general this year just doesn't seem ideal for him--he missed training camp, has had this lingering hamstring among other minor things, and the suns are absolute trash. what do we think about bookers best and worst case ros?
  7. I agree with everyone above, I think holiday is by far the best guy in the deal, and ayton should ideally continue to get better as the season goes on
  8. I like Middleton Side as well, Schroeder will have far less value when russ comes back, and as much as I love gharris, Middleton is a legit top 35 player that doesn't hurt you anywhere, and losing Howard will help ur FT while still having 3 solid centers
  9. I would take it just based on that I always like getting fewer, better players when I can. cappella is a legit center and Allen has been frustrating with minutes this year, and Hayward is obviously not what he used to be
  10. I like Tobias more, but its very close it seems like your team needs richardson more than Tobias so go for it. Jackson should have a big second half and hopefully compensate for Harris' value
  11. Yeah I dont like millsap or Dwight this year very much, and even tho PG is the best guy in this deal, Simmons and CJ are both pretty top tier players so I think it ultimately is better for you. I def like it more if you can get Dinwiddie or hart over crowder tho. only question will be what your plan is with FT%, because you have guys like Embiid and CP who are great for FT but then you'll have Simmons and LeBron, so you will be in sort of a middle ground. otherwise tho Simmons will fit ur team so well and you'll lock up assists
  12. Yeah, as already mentioned, your team is pretty well rounded, but you're in kind of a middle ground with assists so making a 2 for 1 for a solid PG might help solidify your steals/assists. I think the idea of making a 2 for 1 with two of your lower tier guys for a mid tier guy would help a lot and clear up a stream spot. I also think guys like JJJ and Bogdan will put up bigger numbers as the season goes on which should help you a lot
  13. I also like the Kemba side for sure Its fair only because Harden carries that much value
  14. Need help on this trade offer. I have booker and I think its good value in return I just worry about Lou Will not starting/being as involved this year. 8-team 9 cat league, and I just lost Levert so the depth could help me. What do you think?