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  1. 10 Team H2H Keep 8 - R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG , W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP Need help with my final keeper. Keepers are bolded. Allowed to keep for 2 Years. Brackets represent how many more years I have them for. Things could change but as of now I'm between Moncada, Hoskins and Bauer as my last keeper. Leaning towards Bauer. Hoskins probably loses OF elig next year. I do have Moncada for 2 yrs if kept but he'd prob slot in as my 2nd UTIL. Any thoughts? Thank You C- W.Contreras (1) 1B- P.Alonso (1) 2B- A.Mondesi (1) 3B- A.Rendon (1) SS- F.Lindor (1) OF- R.Acuna (1) OF- R.Hoskins 1B/OF (1) OF- Y.Puig (1) UTIL- F.Tatis Jr. SS (2) UTIL- J.Villar (1) BN- M. Olson 1B (1), H.Dozier 1B/3B/OF (2), Y.Moncada 2B/3B (2) SP- G.Cole (1), T.Bauer (1), Z.Wheeler (2), M.Fried (2), S.Manaea (2), J.Lucchesi (1), Means, Eovaldi, RP- Melancon, T.Rogers, Leclerc
  2. I'd play this safe and go Contreras & Rosario
  3. I'm leaning towards deGrom, Marte, and Eloy. Bichette come close for me though.
  4. Moncada the easy keep here. Bout same age as Biggio too.
  5. I think it just makes sense for you, position-wise and talent-wise, to invest in keeping Flaherty. 1st comment had it on the nose.
  6. Clevinger, Flaherty, Machado & Bichette. Seager would really be the only other I'd consider, but I take my shot with the youth on this one.
  7. Bieber is a close call for me. I'd just set up a beastly offense keeping Vlad and Mondesi though. Go into next season focusing on filling your SP.
  8. IMO if you could pull off a Soto deal with any combo of Bichette + those 3 i'd do it. Not only solves your dilemma but acquires you a top 10 guy who's only more valuable in a keeper.
  9. Keep Alvarez. He seems like a really bright future putting it together quick on a great team. I like Contreras, but you just never really know with C's on a yearly basis (consistency, injuries) Robles will eventually put it together too but not on par with Alvarez atm