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  1. Sorry, it's too early in the morning... Our league is on Fantrax now, no longer ESPN.
  2. We have two vacancies in a well run league that has been around and super active for 10yrs now. We have a GroupMe chat where everyone talks trades and more every day, even in the offseason. The league has a unique keeper format where picks are attached to players, but the players and the picks are individual trading pieces. It makes for a lot more trading, and it is honestly very addictive. I'll explain the system better in an email if you express interest. We aren't looking for owners who just set lineups and answers trade offers sent to them. We need people who have a fair amount of online availability and will be around on chat every day or so, even if for little stints, always able to answer PMs, etc... You gotta be a true fantasy hoops degenerate for this league. Is that you? Team A has: Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal (3rd rd keeper), Bam Adebayo (8th rd keeper) Team B has: Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Otto Porter (9th rd keeper) If you are interested in hearing more about the keeper system, leave your email below and I'll send you an email shortly after. We prefer if you have deep league dynasty experience.
  3. 30-Team - H2H 8 Cats - 15 man rosters - 10 starters - salary cap enforced - Annual rookie draft - draft pick trading throughout We have a great league that has been running for 8 years now, and it is active year round. This is a group of pure degenerates and is the most active year round dynasty league that I have for any sport. There are always trade talks going on in our GroupMe chat. If you're a hardcore fantasy owner with 30-team experience, leave your email and I'll email you more info. If "active" to you is just setting your lineup and you don't like to chat w leaguemates regularly, this isn't the league for you. We want the guys who prioritize fantasy hoops right after breathing. The vacant team is really promising, too. Lillard, Spida, Bam, Shai, CP3, ZCollins, etc... If you're not the first to respond, it's ok. The first responder may not work out, and I'll also look back here when any vacancy opens in the future.
  4. This isn't your average set your lineup and forget it league. If you do the minimal, don't like to talk trades basically every day, then this isn't the league for you. If you have zero free time/online availability to talk in our league chat and PM owners talking deals, etc... this isn't the league for you. If you've been looking for a trill 30-teamer where everyone is active and trying to make moves on the regular, this just may be the league for you. This is our seventh season. 30 teams, H2H 8-categories, each category, 15 roster slots, salary capped, blind free agent bidding twice a week, annual rookie draft, draft pick trading. Player salaries adjust every off-season based on a past two seasons formula. You can be over the cap and roster limits in the off-season, you just have to get to the cap line and 15 player max by start of the reg season. There's always trading going on throughout the season and offseason. No off time for us.This is a free league, but we all pitch in a couple bucks annually to the head LM to pay the premium league fee.If you're a deep dynasty degenerate, love to trade and have a good amount of time to chat. Leave your email below.
  5. Nets Grizzlies Suns Warriors Knicks Clippers Cavaliers Celtics Hornets Lakers
  6. We have a 30-team dynasty league on Fantrax going into its 6th season and are looking for some new owners. - H2H Each Category - Points, Rebounds, Assists, 3s, Steals, Blocks, FT%, FG% - 30 teams, 15 roster spots, 10 starters, 5 bench, no IR -- PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G/F, F/C, G/F, G, Flex, Flex - Two matchups per week, play teams from both conferences throughout - Salary Cap league, players salaries change annually based on a formula that uses past two season averages - Have an annual two round rookie draft, you can trade draft picks throughout the season This league thrives on league activity and I don't just mean the typical "I set my lineup and answer trades" type of thing. We need owners who have a fair amount of online availability and who come on our GroupMe chat and talk trades at least a couple times a week. GroupMe allows PM talks also, that's how most deals get worked out. If you can't commit to doing more than just the bare minimal, this isn't the league for you. If you think about fantasy hoops/NBA way more than you probably should. love to trade and trying to build a dynasty force, this is your Heaven. We got a little slack this past year and let many owners get by with subpar activity levels, so we decided to clean house and get things back to normal, so we are replacing 10 teams. Every offseason we figure out which teams need new owners, we take all the players and picks from those teams and place them in a draft pool and let the new owners have what we call a "Mini re-draft". So, you're going to be able to pick your own team from a fairly loaded pool when you join. There's some studs, some nice upside pieces, a handful of lottery draft picks, etc... Once we get all 10 teams filled, we'll begin the mini re-draft. You up for the challenge? Leave your email below and let me know which franchise you'd like to be yours (fyi I have this same post in a couple forums, so I'll try and update as teams are claimed, but list a couple just in case) Nets Grizzlies Suns Warriors Knicks Clippers Cavaliers Celtics Hornets ***If you don't already have a Fantrax account, please make one asap because it won't let me add you until you have an account*** If you're interested but never used Fantrax, this is the perfect time to try it. Let's put it this way, they've already allowed us to open our 2018-19 league page so that we could update our players new salaries and such. They don't shut down for maintenance to input rookies or projections, they do all of that without shutting the site down and they do it WAAAYYYY earlier than ESPN/Yahoo do it. Plus, they allow 30-team leagues with salaries and unlimited customization options. Do it.
  7. We have a 20-team dynasty league in its third season that needs a replacement owner. It's standard 8 categories + FTM as the ninth, H2H, 13 roster slots + 1 IR on ESPN. We have a unique keeper system where players are attached to the rounds they were drafted in, but you can trade those pieces (the player or the pick for that round) individually, so it basically makes trades go down, and the activity stays high year round. We have a league GroupMe chat that we all check in and talk on here and there throughout the day, so if you have a solid amount of online availability from work, home, etc... that is a plus. This league and system thrives on activity. If you're a fantasy hoops degenerate and are looking for a league that is beyond normal levels of activity and has a concept that isn't the same 'ol keeper league, this is the league for you. If you're just a lineup setter, this is not the league for you. We're looking for fantasy addicts. The team is more in rebuild mode than win now, but due to the league's keeper/picks system, you can rebuild a lot quicker than a normal league. Some of the pieces on the team: Steph Curry, Devin Booker (11th round keeper!), Jusuf Nurkic, Jarrett Allen If interested, reply below with your email and I will send you our league's system intro email to see if you're game for it.
  8. Rockets team has been filled. Just the Cavs squad available now.
  9. Have two teams available in a 30-team dynasty league hosted on Fantrax. It s a salary capped league to make things even more interesting. This is the league's fifth season we are currently in. We have owners who are on the league's chat box throughout the day always looking to make deals, so if you have a decent amount of online availability, that's a plus. It's 8-categories H2H, 15 roster spots, 10 starters, 5 bench. Salaries get adjusted every off-season, which makes top teams over in cap and have to shed it before the next season, this helps rebuilding teams have a shot to rebuild quicker than a typical league. Annual rookie draft in October. Yes, you can trade rookie draft picks in-season. Here are the teams available and a couple of their players: Cavs - Dragic, Covington, Ntilikina Rockets - Westbrook, Tyreke, J Simmons Both teams are in rebuilding phase, but have pieces that will easily attract trade partners, and they are in line to land top end picks for the rookie draft, and we all know how loaded this rookie class is. Leave your email if interested. If you don't have a Fantrax account, please create one (using the same email) before posting. Thanks.
  10. One team left available. Who wants it? Wiggy: Dennis Smith Jr, Wiggins, Markkanen, good open picks
  11. Bump, still need those teams filled and another has become available. Sil Antonio: Kawhi, Embiid, Tatum Wiggy: Dennis Smith Jr, Wiggins, Markkanen, good open picks Queens: Durant, Harden, Josh Rich
  12. I had another post up at BBM and someone claimed Goons right away, but you also mentioned you don't really get on chat, and with our leagues system, trades can't just be sent manually like most other leagues. The require some back and forth convos to hash out the picks involved, etc... It's a unique keeper system. Have two teams still available, who has online availability and wants to join a truly active year round hoops league? Sil Antonio: Kawhi, Embiid, Tatum Wiggy: Dennis Smith Jr, Wiggins, Markkanen, good open picks
  13. The Sil Antonio team is still available. Who wants it?