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  1. I did too and still think it can pay off. It was him or PG13 and the ninth will miss some weeks.
  2. Zion will be worth the wait. I don't really regret drafting him.
  3. This can still be precautionary. Too early to panic.
  4. LOL you act like Shady is getting off for fantasy purposes. Nice victory lap.
  5. Kind of nervous that Niners lost 3 run blockers and the return of Coleman. Have nothing at TE.
  6. I wouldn't book that. Shady has played in Reids system before so it's a red flag that he is still having problems with the protections. Also he is carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. More fumbles are coming.
  7. And it's not like he hasn't played in Reid's system for years before.
  8. I would've kept all 3 for as long as possible and let it play out.
  9. Where would he be drafted if there was a draft now? Early 2nd. Thinking of entering that bestball tournament on Draft.
  10. Why is everyone sleeping on D-Will so hard. He is a big play threat in this offense for as long as he's healthy. I own both on the same team so no bias.
  11. Have KB and have been offered Devers and a pick. Hits, AVG and OPS are categories. Going to reject though but was interesting off age difference and Devers is raking.
  12. Flacco practiced in full today. Are we still firing up Lamar?
  13. I would consider picking up as defense at this point if I'm not dropping a really good player. This is the time to keep potential game changers off opponents teams.
  14. They.will most likely take it easy on him until.yhe real playoffs. They are the deepest team in the league and a shoe in for the #1 seed in.yhe east so why wouldn't the?