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  1. League Safe invites sent out. If you did not get one, let me know.
  2. Invites sent! 7 joined with 5 others invited. If you haven't joined and a new person sends email, I will be removing quickly. I think we are going to make this happen!
  3. Invite sent Ray-Ray! We are going with 12 and will start as soon as we have 12 joined and paid.
  4. Invite sent. If any of you have not received an invite, let me know. 7 total so far including myself, with 4 total joined. 3 or for on this trail of emails have not gotten me their email
  5. sent again Kevin!. My email is if you would rather not put your email on the board. Thanks!
  6. Kbull invite sent. Check the setting out. If you don't like it, let me know and I can drop ya. 5 pt td pass is also one thing I really like.
  7. I am going to roll with 12. I want 6 teams in the playoffs and that is the only way.
  8. One Question, if you use the FAAB method, when does that occur, nightly? I use the continuous auction where you have to always bid typically.
  9. I am used to 12 and like 6 teams in the playoffs. If we go 10, I am still going 6 teams make the playoffs with byes to the top 2 teams.
  10. 2 of the guys wanted 10. We can make it 12 if we have the interest and most want it. I am setting it up right now, keep it going!
  11. I will set something up for 10 teams and $50. What is the payout scheme? 300,150, 50?
  12. Would rather have 12 teams. $100 preferred but would do $50.
  13. If we can get enough guys interested to do one more 12 team ESPN ppr league, lets do it. I would be willing to draft as late as 12:00 if needed.
  14. Thanks! I am not used to joining these leagues that are put together in hours.
  15. It would be better at 11:45. I need to get a couple of things ready!!!
  16. I see 12 members joined. Somebody needs to be removed first. Get rid of the owner and send me an invite to the specific open team bro!
  17. I see 12 guys in the league. What is up? I don't want to join and pay as a 13th guy!
  18. I could pay and signup within a couple of minutes.