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  1. League isn't viewable according to your link... Also what is entry fee? Thanks
  2. Is that a "strict" 7 game SP limit per week? Or are you able to go into Sunday and throw as many Pitchers as you want as long as you were under (7) day before? Thanks
  3. Can you list a link with scoring/settings? Weekly lock? Daily? Maximum starts by SP each week? Thanks!
  4. Looking for high dollar ($200+) ESPN/Yahoo league (H2H Points) that has strict limit on SP starts per week, will consider weekly lock also. LeagueSafe to be method of entry fee collection also. Will pay/enroll immediately, message me if you have a league like this. Thanks!
  5. Weekly lineups? Daily lineups? Is there a limit to how many SP starts per week? What are available keepers for team that is open?