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  1. He is fat...a fat piece of crap. Drop City
  2. Im in the same boat as you. Noah is on my waiver but I find it very hard to pull the trigger yet. Saric was great last year....his minutes and reb are still there this year....I just hope Saric finds his shot sooner than later.
  3. This guy is garbage. He looks lost and has no confidence out there. He single-handedly destroyed my FG% this week. Really close to dropping him
  4. Thanks for the advice, Im going to boot up my NBA League pass and check out how Zeller looks and decide to whether or not to pull the trigger on Vonleh. Noah's per 36 averages really intrigue me and I like his hustle play.
  5. IMHO, I would take lebron. J rich and Nico are playing great right now but youre getting a 1st rounder in return. Thanks for your help as well.
  6. What about Zeller for Vonleh? I like Zeller's percentages and it seems his job is more safe than Noah's.
  7. no way, Bjelica is way too hot to trade for anyone right now, but i do like prince a lot...great 2h of the season last year. Thanks for your help with mine.
  8. Any thoughts? So tempted to pull the trigger.
  9. Ive had this guy since the beginning of the year. Hes legit, doesnt hurt you any where and produces threes.
  10. Danny was still available in your league up to this point? Good pick up, no brainer for Cedi.
  11. Totally agree. Drop City for me. I cant stand a player who destroys my FG and TO's...aint no one got time for that!
  12. Thats a really good point. Theres minimal PG's on my waiver wire. Beveryly, VanVleet, Tyler Johnson, Collin Sexton, Trey Bruke, Avery Bradley, George Hill, and Shai Gil-Alex.
  13. I think I’ll take that advice. Hart has more value than oubre?