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  1.'re kidding right? Perhaps the worst call of the entire game was on Hollister's fumble and recovery by GB (our CB literally HANDED the ball to the ref from the bottom of the pile) but it was called "No clear recovery." Why is there zero take about that? A turnover in their own territory mind you...
  2. I may do the same. Just for a reference point, who are you starting him over?
  3. I think people look too heavily into matchups, especially for something as granular as TEs. That just means WRs have likely been tearing them up. To me, there's only 2 aspects that matter most with matchups. 1. The QB matchup. All you need is 1 big play for a RB/WR/TE and their day is made. Different story for a QB going up against a tough defense. 2. The top 3 or so best and worst matchups. To me the "8th hardest matchup for a RB" is worthless. Based on the RBs talent, I'd go into it with the same confidence as the "23rd easiest matchup for a RB." Although if I'm facing the 2nd hardest matchup for a RB well into the season, I'm a little nervous.
  4. I didn't watch any of this game but he still got 9 targets though. Not sure how much to read into that but it seems he's still involved?
  5. I'm currently leaning.. RB - Jamaal Williams FLEX2 - Jamison Crowder
  6. .5 PPR, 12 teams, 7-5. If I win week 13, I'm in the playoffs! Fill in the blanks - what do you think is my best possible lineup? QB - Aaron Rodgers RB - Nick Chubb RB - (BLANK) WR - Tyreek Hill WR - Adam Thielen TE - Zach Ertz FLEX - Kenyan Drake FLEX2 - (BLANK) Options: Jamaal Williams Benny Snell Tarik Cohen Jamison Crowder Randall Cobb Jared Cook
  7. .5 PPR I have the #1 waiver. This player will start for me this week and I'm in a "win and I'm in" playoff situation. Which would you prefer?
  8. Anything to see here? Third straight game with 7+ receptions. 2nd big game in a row.
  9. Good point - but only a play if Brieda misses time
  10. Leaning Jared Cook, great matchup at home vs.TB but honestly torn here.