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  1. 10 Team PPR. I likely won't play any of these RBs outside of Injuries or if any become must starts. So this is more of bench depth stashing. I currently own D. Harris and J. White but there are some interesting RBs available. Drop what I have for any of them? Swift J. Kelley Dobbins Perine
  2. I also have Mostert in this mix too. But he's a wait and see this week right given my options?
  3. I'm a little concerned from what I saw with Taylor last week and how Indy is still winning and the RBBC going on here. Tough matchup for Boyd but he's been very consistent so far. Lamb has been a solid floor and getting better and gaining more trust as their WR2 each week it seems.
  4. I have Mahomes and it seems likely the game isn't happening this week. Who do you like this week? 6 points per TD for QBs. FitzMagic vs Seattle Goff vs. Giants Mullens vs. SF Carr vs. Buffalo Counsins @ Houston
  5. As of now I'm still leaning towards McKinnon but if Julio is ruled out is Gage a must start over him?
  6. QB: Mahomes RB: Taylor, Robinson(woot woot) WR: Hopkins, Lamb TE: Higbee Flex: McKinnon BN: TY, Boyd, Gage, M.Davis, D. Henderson, Mattison I have a 30-11 point lead right now with Robinson vs. Minshew. Here are my thoughts right now. Lamb: Great matchup and seems like he'll just keep getting better each week. Seems like a must start this week. McKinnon: He should beast out assuming he gets a lot of touches. That's hard to know with Shanny and the injury history. He still seems somewhat safe and Shanny does love him. TY: Great matchup but I want to see something good before I consider him in my Lineup. Boyd: Did great last week but I'd like to see some consistency before I fully trust him over my other options. Gage: If Julio is out is he the best Flex option I have? Even if Julio plays he seems pretty safe for 10+ PPR points with how much they are throwing right? Henderson: He could be great even with Brown banged up and active but this feels like a wait and see and stash thing. Davis: With CMC out he seems like a safe option for the dump off passes. It could also be a trap possibly. I'm not sure what to think of him so I kind of want to wait snd see.
  7. PPR and I have some unknowns at the RB spot right now. QB - Mahomes RB - Barkley, J. Robinson WR - Hopkins, TY TE - Higbee FLEX - J. Taylor BN - Mostert, Sutton, Boyd, Moss, Lamb, Wentz Sutton would normally be in at WR2/Flex but I can't risk it with him playing Monday night and likely out. Taylor, Moss, Mostert, and Robinson are all unknown and some risk at this point. Robinson seems the safest to me based on volume. Maybe Boyd or Lamb in the flex? Even sharing time I feel like Taylor should still get plenty of run in a great matchup. His upside seems worth it to me.
  8. Just for reference here are the gamelogs. Winston in a 6 points TD isn't so bad. But he really needs 3-4 TDs to even out his picks and fumbles. Brady 35, 31, 27, 5, 33, 25, 16, 25 Wintson 11, 17, 35, 41, 23, 18, 26 Allen 20, 26, 22, 10, 23, 27, 23 Allen seems pretty safe for the most part. His 10 spot came against the Patriots too. Winston seems like a high risk high reward but I'm always afraid of that under 20 week from him.
  9. I do but Winston can be pretty terrible and ruin that still.
  10. He's been added and dropped a few times. Most teams don't have 2 QBs in this shallow of a league. It's all about hoarding RBs haha. You'd roll with Allen this week and next over the other options? And over Brady this week?
  11. Who do you like best? What about next week?
  12. This is a 10 team league and 6 points per TD. I have Brady and his Bye is next week. Brady doesn't have a great matchup this week so I could pick up and start one of these guys this week as well. Thoughts? Available QBs: Winston(avg 24.7 ppg) - @Sea this week and Vs ARZ next week J.Allen(avg 22 ppg) - Vs Wsh this week and @Cle next week D.Jones(avg 19 ppg) - Vs Dal this week and @NYJ next week Brady is averaging 24.9 ppg in this league as a reference.