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  1. Just for reference here are the gamelogs. Winston in a 6 points TD isn't so bad. But he really needs 3-4 TDs to even out his picks and fumbles. Brady 35, 31, 27, 5, 33, 25, 16, 25 Wintson 11, 17, 35, 41, 23, 18, 26 Allen 20, 26, 22, 10, 23, 27, 23 Allen seems pretty safe for the most part. His 10 spot came against the Patriots too. Winston seems like a high risk high reward but I'm always afraid of that under 20 week from him.
  2. I do but Winston can be pretty terrible and ruin that still.
  3. He's been added and dropped a few times. Most teams don't have 2 QBs in this shallow of a league. It's all about hoarding RBs haha. You'd roll with Allen this week and next over the other options? And over Brady this week?
  4. Who do you like best? What about next week?
  5. This is a 10 team league and 6 points per TD. I have Brady and his Bye is next week. Brady doesn't have a great matchup this week so I could pick up and start one of these guys this week as well. Thoughts? Available QBs: Winston(avg 24.7 ppg) - @Sea this week and Vs ARZ next week J.Allen(avg 22 ppg) - Vs Wsh this week and @Cle next week D.Jones(avg 19 ppg) - Vs Dal this week and @NYJ next week Brady is averaging 24.9 ppg in this league as a reference.
  6. I didn't realize the weather was bad... Thanks for the heads up that makes the decision a lot easier thank you!
  7. It's hard to sit Evans and his potential huge games but Brown has been more consistent and his matchup is great vs Philly. I'm leaning towards Evans still but I'm torn. Thoughts?
  8. I also have Conner in my lineup but the matchup is too good to sit him I think.
  9. CMC @ SF Ekeler @ CHI Edmonds @NO Murray vs ARZ I'm thinking CMC and Murray. Even though CMC has a tough matchup I can't sit him right? Edmonds and Ekeler are tempting but their matchups aren't great. Murray should get fed all day like last week and seems the best option based on volume alone. Edmonds should get crazy volume though too. Thoughts?
  10. I would do this one for sure. I think Sanders will get better as the season goes. Drake might get traded but even still I don't think it will help his value all that much. Hollywood seems pretty injury prone and risky at this point.
  11. I have CMC, Evans, and Conner on Bye this week. Make any changes here? QB - Brady WR - Chark WR - Woods RB - L. Murray RB - Ekeler Flex - Diggs BN - Edmonds, J. Williams, Singletary Crowder and Dorsett are FAs but I'd have to drop J. Williams for one of them if I threw either in at WR or Flex. Williams will likely be useless to me going forward after this week. If DJ is ruled out I'm playing him over Ekeler for sure. I'm considering him or Singletary even if DJ plays. I have a hard time trusting Ekeler after last week and if that's a sign of things to come. Thoughts?
  12. Vant McDonald Swaim Sprinkle Akins Fells
  13. PPR - Evans and McCaffrey screwed me on Thursday so I'm thinking Brown or Diggs here for a potential big game blow up. Woods seems like the safe floor game but not so much for a 20-30 point swing that may be needed to pull the win off this week. Thoughts?
  14. Diggs, Woods, or Boyd in PPR? Sounds like Diggs will play but he's not 100 percent and seems pretty risky at this point. Goff or Winston?
  15. Anyone else have thoughts on this one?