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  1. i was talking last year with carlos having much better year with similar price. saw him go 220-250 in non obp leagues a couple times. i still say that line doesnt play as anything more than replacement streamer/add when hot.
  2. i dont see that line as anything you cant find on the wire all throughout the regular season. personally if im rolling with a player like peralta during the stretch run heading into playoffs then i didnt draft, trade or work the wire well. deeper 5 outfield, util, mi/ci then ok but regular 12 teamer 3 of. 2 util that line doesnt play on winning teams (maybe on a really pitching heavy team.) the price the dirt cheap so it really depends. (can throw braun, carlos santana and a couple other vets with more appealing lines as well that went around pick 250)
  3. that line will never crack my roster. guess just greedy from last year. hiura, bichette, sano, soler, mancini, franmil, choo, dj lem, escobar, schwarber, joc, kepler, edmon ect im sure i missed a bunch of rookies/free adds that had much productive seasons. if you tell me im guarnette 20/5 290 avg 180 counting stats im passing and swinging for something much more productive. not looking for floor at pick 250
  4. those lines really dont do anything in standard 12 teamer 20 hrs is nothing under 10 bags is nothing i guess decent avg and counting stats
  5. preseason consenus 28 overall, 25 for yahoo. went 2nd rd in all 4 of my redraft h2h 9 cat
  6. biggest (non injury/suspended) top 25 bust so far. dude avg mid 20 min last 5 games
  7. monster. really need him to go @den this sunday. any word on when he plans on sitting 26 or 27?
  8. obp affects alot more cats like sb and runs. comparing odor and biggio isnt realistic as odor has reached obp of 300+ 1 time. completely different players and approach at the plate
  9. best value top 15 player is the way to go. if thats trout/acuna/yelich for fair value or arenado or mid/late rd guys. ex. trout, mookie, jdm for 56-$61 vs yelich/trea/lindor/story for $36-$41 last year.
  10. pretty cheap 20/20 threat with decent lineup and counting stats. might be a drag on avg but for those going 4 cat guys early (arenado/jdm) biggio and senzel could be nice cheaper power/speed options later 14/14 on sb is nice
  11. pineda still have 40ish game suspension?
  12. personally love those 2nd tier aces (bieber, flaherty, clevinger) more than cole/max/verlander that is hard to pick between those three
  13. yep and bucks keep winning. they will lock down 1 seed by 10 games. i would be worried if i owned any bucks. just got someone to take bledsoe basically for rubio. GL buck owners
  14. ha late to the party but tap. WTF. if players/pitchers cant figure out visually with simiple fingers can you imagine the shi*t show with tapping?
  15. every week its something that screws me over in one league. get fox back lose bledsoe. get bagley back lose ad. westbrook sit in b2b when he has like 5 days off inbetween games. playing #1 team and lost AD for 3 games, westbrook for 1, ingram for 1. would probably 6-3 him with 5-4 minimum. now just trying to hold only 4-5. better get lucky in the coming weeks. im due.