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  1. yea but how many teams are rotating 4 rbs? keep him fresh sure but you need some consistency with touches. already said it before but ingram avg 5 ypc is doing a pretty reasonable job and should continue to get the majority of touches as long as he produces
  2. no one said he wont be involved but you make it seem like 15 touches for ingram isnt possible edwards+hill had almost same total touches as ingram last year (edwards 140, hill 64, ingram 228, lamar 176) only way ingram doesnt get 15ish touches is if he doesnt have any juice left or is just clearly outperformed
  3. avg 15.2 touches last year 240 for 16gp puts him at 15 even i just dont see how a nfl team with sb contending team doesnt trust the 30 year old yet with a steady 4 touch quarter workload. unless they are just killing teams in 3 quarters. 4.6 y/a is pretty elite when talking about ingrams career. last 5 years looking around 5yd per rush
  4. point of ur post probably meaning all rbs lose touches now days? if not how many more touches does ingram lose? he was 20 in rb att with 202 att. ingram basically outproduced barkely rushing with 15 less touches for ingram and with ingram playing two more gp. over/under 240 touches in 16 gp? (ingram avg well over 230 rushes last handful seasons in no. extrapolated out for 16 gp)
  5. adames for me. already has the experience and is still under 25 much better 2nd half so things looked like they started to click and he has that prospect pedigree as well (top 20 overall for a couple years.) nico- 20 hrs in 400 games between college/minor/majors says everything i need to know right now fantasywise
  6. wilson would have to flirt with 5000 yds to support two top 15 full ppr wr. (now thats not saying he cant support 2 fantasy relevant wr) see winston and evans/godwin. winston needed 5100 yds 33 tds 380 comp for evans wr12 and godwin wr2 goff 4600 yds 22 tds 394 comp woods/kupp finished wr 19 and wr 6 goff cooks wr16 and woods wr9 two years ago took goff just a hair under 4700 yds, 32 tds, 364 comp take wilson career highs and he is 4200 yds 35 tds 350 comp while ill agree he hasnt had true elite weapons he still would have to really air it out to a new level to support both lockett and dk as top 15 ppr wr. (even though dk and lockett are reasonably priced at ppr wr27 and wr22)
  7. well hes projected to be a $2 player and thats not counting hlds so factor in 30ish hld+saves for betances along with 3 era 1 whip and 78 k's in 55 inn and you are looking at a better year that kenly jansen had last year and he was a solid top 90 overall (5x5) with a 3.70 era 1 whip obviously the rp field is larger with hlds+save but to say betances holds no value isnt accurate
  8. just because hes a bench guy doesnt mean he has to trade him if the value of the deal isnt fair/in his favor. he could use betances and move one of his other rp for a need later in the year. or hold onto betances and move him later in the year all comes down to if he views cruz more valuable than correa and betances. (he did get betances for $1 in a redraft so maybe he doesnt hold that much value.)
  9. depends how valuable you view betances. he should/could be viewed as a sub 3 era, 1 whip, 15 k/9 guy which is pretty valuable in 20 teamer factor in age/inj last year and shelf life of high leverage rp and it makes him less appealing. id probably take the upgrade to cruz as well.
  10. yea thats what had be entertaining if i got both wheeler and greinke. its a pretty competitive league with a handful of really good teams and all different draft strategies where used one team landed-trout acuna and yelich another team with 4 first rder- areando mookie story soto another team with 6 top 30 players another team with degrom max buehler flaherty then a couple teams that went balance and look similar to mine. then one or 2 that where just outmatched not sure how i stack up right now and landing vlad would give me some more upside which looks like i might have to hit on to compete with those top heavy teams c w smith 1b goldy 2b lux 3b suarez ss bichette of robles of laureano of robert util schwarber util c santana bench- senzel, carlson, dejong, ramos sp clevinger, beiber, glasnow, soroka, hendricks, urias, carrasco, manaea rp leclerc got good safe(r) players that should all come close to 30-40hr 180-200 runs/rbis goldy, suarez, santana, and schwarber got the upside 5 cat guys in bichette, robles, lauerano, roberts and to a lesser extent lux, senzel, carlson really like my staff. got 3 sp1 imo (glasnow with no innings limit) and view soroka, hendricks, urias, carrasco, as all sp3 with upside. so pretty deep staff as well as someone who usually goes with the top tier offensive guys in auction this team feels different. and it would be fun to own vlad bichette robles senzel lux and win with those sophomore slump guys. even though vlad senzel lux didnt really have high end rookie years
  11. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h like both, own suarez, dont see awhole lot difference between the 2. vlad more upside if he hits his ceiling this year 315 avg 40 bombs but suarez seems safer or atleast simlar value to vlad right now give suarez and beiber get vlad and greinke im asking for wheeler but it that doesnt work should i entertain the the greinke for bieber flip?
  12. problem is there are too many similar players for me to reach for sano around pick 100. you got sano, schwarber, c santana, kepler, edwin-going well after 150 on yahoo, reyes and conforto neither of whom i personally like but could offer similar type production, even a healthy j up or khris. seager more of a avg 3 cat guy really like sano but he is more of auction target for me because as you said, anywhere after pick 100 is fair game for sano and thats when im usually loading up on sp3-5 (montas soroka wheeler urias luzardo ect) the one thing sano has going for him is that 1b. always find myself struggling to fill that 1b.
  13. yea hes never played a full season his career, full season averages are 95 runs, 105 rbis, 39 hrs, 245 avg so those streamer projections do make sense even though they are projecting 460ish abs not 544 so if sano plays 150 games (or whatever % that is with a short season) then he should be a monster 3 cat guy that should hit close to 250
  14. streamers sano projection prorate to 544 ab 91 runs 40 hr 105 rbi 247 avg 1 sb top 25 pick streamers 544 ab projection 102 runs 41 hrs 103 rbi 260 avg 11 sb so upside and safety of harper worth about 100+ pick difference?
  15. just joined a yahoo auction mock to see avg prices. has yahoo bots just been drafting and driving the avg prices down? pretty sure avg prices of trout yelich acuna were around $60 now the avg prices are $55.