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  1. completely disagree. hes ur rb4 is most situation. you can cash that in for a wr like moore or godwin (something like robinson and wr3 sounds good to rb needy team from the hype im reading and inj to rb) im taking that every time in full ppr. if you dont have the rb depth then sure ride it out. makes no sense to press ur luck if you have rb depth and can get a high end wr1/2
  2. umm thompson played basically whole 4th minus goal line td#2
  3. dont believe mixon is garbage ajg isnt good anymore (if healthy) hunt=chubb ridley >julio. selling ingram for pennies cohen preston sammy are close to droppable brees is done over reactions i believe dionte ppr wr1 cam is top 3-5 qb i believe as i own him in almost all my 1 qb leagues. (turned down mahomes 4 my cam and henderson (desperation rb on my part) already said but taylor top 6-8 rb. i kinda believe as im trying to move sanders for taylor plus a decent upgrade in full ppr. might work out or might not and sanders kills his ppr value. jamaal williams is one of the best cuffs (my opinion)
  4. think i saw ROS rankings as a top 55-60 player ppr offered him 4 dionte to 0-2 team with henderson as rb2 and was rejected. dont see why anyone would trade a rb for rb or anyway to gain or get fair value from an unknown 2 week sample size if ur trying to move him its because hes a rb4 on ur roster in most situation that you got for free and dont see it lasting. you give me a solid ppr wr2 dk, dionte, cooper ect and i have 3 rb i like over robinson then im cashing in. tomorrow will either sky rocket his trade value or tank it. even though a subpar game wouldnt deter me from starting him if his touches are there.
  5. disagree. atleast in ppr. rb2 < wr2 consistently week to week. if you have the option to throw a wr2/3 in at rb2 and then open up a flex/wr3 spot for another wr then that is a nice advantage. (ppr) scoring settings do matter like you said. standard get as many rb touches in ur rb/flex spots as possible 27ish pts is top 20 rb in full ppr through 2 weeks 30 pts in top 20 wr 197-200 pts top 20 rb last year 220 pts for top 20 wr last year 180 pts for top 20 rb 2018 207 pts for top 20 wr 2018 (gp not taken into account here so just went off total pts) then you have to factor in the flexibility shenault offers if he gets that rb for bye weeks and inj. roster flexability is never a bad thing
  6. 12 team full ppr redraft 6 pt pass td im 1-1 other owner is 0-2 with rb depth of cmc, m gordon, ap, hyde give m thomas and j robinson get cmc and dionte basically thomas 4 cmc. MT likely back before cmc makes thomas as/more valuable cmc right now robinson 4 dionte very fair should i do robinson 4 dionte if i cant get cmc and mt part included? would you feel fine with dobbins as ur rb3? dionte in full ppr probably safer and more valuable than robinson but as you know rb with 15 rushes a game is tough to find and is a nice flex/rb3 luxury my team qb watson wr cooper wr crowder rb zeke rb hunt te kittle flex robinson s flex big ben bench- burrow, MT, sammy, preston, mvs, dobbins, edmonds, scott, f/a,
  7. i really wanted to draft all avg or breakout players $20-25 in my auctions. and in theory it would of payed off already and then you had the depth later in the year to make trades and upgrade. ridley, dk, dionte, hunt, dobbins maybe, boyd, ect. (would of missed on sutton, bell, but much more manageable then missing on players listed below) got one team lost mt, adams, godwin. ha got another lost kittle and kenny got another lost mt and cmc. 16 teamer dead after 2 weeks. good thing only $60.
  8. he never really did, did he? kinda like nuk and contested catches and sideline toe taps.
  9. agree. you knew the split was there when you drafted ingram. thats why his adp was 4/5th rd. this offense is up there with kc and as long as ingram is healthy he will produce.
  10. i wish that no experts or adp/rankings come out for next nears draft. man that would be fun
  11. no hes not a good hitter but hes shown hes more than capable. hes no buxton or b ham. hes got 20/60 upside. got more pop then you think
  12. 100% slow start was because of shoulder/labrum surgery . see suarez (even though hes been cold lately)
  13. so sd is all good for 1st week playoffs? lamet owners now get two start week if sf series cancelled
  14. yep would of been able to buy for pennies in a full season. and looking like that top 25 player for 2/3 of a full season
  15. rb are fine except you didnt handcuff sanders which is a must right now you should explore trading robinson and hockenson for kelce or kittle or ty and hock for ertz. ur sitting one of ur 4 good wr and would rather see a te upgrade. cambell and kirk are fine wr depth pieces.
  16. ill keep it going. still in the green for my projections after dukes dud as my rb2. 12 teamer. thanks kelce and sammy
  17. need everyone to eat. minus hill fuller dj. sammy, hardman return yds, kelce, mahomes, ceh, watson, duke
  18. please sammy just 6/87/0 would be fine. starting him everywhere i got him because of dionte, kenny, sutton, which means all three will play this week. you guys are welcome
  19. love it. throw some offers out. dumb people panic with little red boxes next to players names with bad/limited info. never know
  20. yea just did quick check. top accurate rankers have fournette low rb #30's, with rojo mid/late rb 30's dont see any huge gap there ppr*
  21. gets a game mon. on light schedule first day of h2h playoffs.
  22. yea thats the way i see it. with no preseason you cant just anoint the rookie starter. whats dobbins 4th? on depth chart as well
  23. and kc avg over 35 pts in 2018 with healthy mahomes vs dal 21.2. so kc got celing and floor. dal only avg 27 pts with all that yardage showing dak<<<<mahomes and kc off. is much better