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  1. you dont like the h2h randomness each week then just have the $$$ cash out more in favor of the top pts scored. so if you do miss playoffs and have most points on the year you get a nice piece of the pot or have weekly high score get some money
  2. 16 team redraft full ppr give m thomas, ertz, vaughen get sanders, kelce, marvin jones about as fair as it gets kelse enough of an upgade over ertz to move thomas in ppr? vaughen for marvin necessary because i need a wr if moving thomas. hate breaking up thomas and godwin but akers cohen vaughen duke is kinda wack. my team qb brees wr thomas wr godwin rb akers rb cohen te ertz flex vaughen flex duke flex sammy stafford perriman fitz deejay dion lewis oj howard, fitzmagic, hamler
  3. nvm yahoo cancelled all cash leagues even non ypro. no fantasy baseball this year
  4. howard has nowhere near the upside. you looking celing of 1100 total yds and 8+tds 20 rec. put him at 178 thats low rb2 ppr last year. 11ppr pts per game vs dj who avg 20+ pts weeks 1-6 last year. so his ceiling is much higher. depends what you want and half or full ppr. but 2 rd discount doesnt sound that appealing
  5. hes really never been a good runner/y/a guy. 4.2 in 2016. then trash under 4 week 1-6 49 rush yds per game 3.9 avg 2 tds 30 rec 315 yds 4tds thats more than fine fantasy wise especially in ppr i dont like him in snake. more of an auction target. gurley and dj/bell for $50 total holds huge upside followed up with 2 more decent backs for 15-20 each. gives you alot of money to spend on high end wr/te for that floor.
  6. @aapox @theSPANKER are you comfortable taking a rb like sanders or drake even if you view them as less safe just based on them being a rb? you know adams julio hill are going to hit if healthy/qb health i agree wr/wr wr/te is tough especially with quality wr making back at the 3/4 turn (i also like ertz there in ppr making it easier to pass on kelce 1/2) full ppr you could go wr/wr then te/rb then hope akers/swift/hunt make it back late 5th. gives you a nice floor with rb upside. hoping to hit on some other rb later williams dobbins rojo cohen ect if you know ur league drafts rb heavy then you can either go completely against it or follow along and just draft similar builds (seems safer)
  7. domingo. dont know how gio will be used with andujar. he obviously wont hit higher than 8 or 9 as well. i also think domingo is a better hitter
  8. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h not a fan of having weak players starting with my util spots locked up but does it really matter? strong core with enough sb and upside/floor. can i roll with my 1b and of3 situation? should i try and move strippling or wheeler 4 carlos santana? is santana even that big of an upgrade? couple more bombs and counting stats. lose avg and lose a quality arm c gary 1b murphy- yikes. still got coors and still could help in avg/counting stats if healthy 2b ozzie 3b areando ss xander of trout of robert of j up- really hoping carlson/puig can give me some of3 production util mondesi- need those bags util seager- holds no trade value. should be decent 4 cat guy bench carlson, puig sp montas, soroka, carrasco, wheeler, heaney, weaver, puk, civale, gore rp urias, stripling
  9. 120 targets with same catch %. and half yard bump per catch, puts him at something like 75-77 rec 925 yds (did the the math earlier today). throw in 7ish tds and thats low end ppr wr2 last year. with some upside. going wr40 ppr
  10. odds he clears 120 targets? assuming health and big ben health any target projections? claypool and washington going to be a factor if diontae and juju are healthy?
  11. no he was rb11 -ppr, rb 8 in half, standard rb8
  12. i didnt factor in the 3 games when he sneaked over 12 pts with rushing yds. still had 4. not 3.... week 3- 2/52/0 5 rush yds, week 8- 3/70/0, week 13 -1/37/0 37 rush yds, week 15- 4/46/0 -5 rush yd with rushing - week 5- 4/61/0 21 rush yds, week 9 - 4/69/0 16 rush yds, week 16 only really one game with stafford that he didnt produce and one game where he had 2 targets. (seems unlikely to happen again) but his ceiling comes down to if he gets and increase in targets and if stafford stays healthy. if those 2 things happen then you will be surprised. obviously hill is safer and has mahomes but also coming at 20-25 even $30 difference. hill 50-55$ kenny 25-30$
  13. well over 9 k/9 last 280 inn (3 seasons) ur really looking at potential mid 3 era 1.2 whip 9k/9. basically nola, castillo, corbin type with a little less k upside/overall upside. not bad for free. thought i land a nice sp 11 dropping mckay for mikols. drop mikols without 2nd thought for stripling
  14. pretty boom or bust (who isnt outside thomas, adams, julio- ppr) how much difference between kenny vs hill? hill had about 6 or 7 games of around 12 full ppr pt games and under (2018) 132 targets kenny had 7 (2 out of 8 games with stafford) 8 games with stafford - 35/640/7- 70/1280/14 124 targets (cant project those tds year 2 year) stafford about 550-560 attempts last few years. any chance kenny gets larger share of targets? (140+) wr target leaders last year does mahomes upside vs stafford really account for $20 difference in price?
  15. got to make that deal in superflex ur only weak at te and qb. baker solves that as does waller thielan also an upgrade over ur wr3 (ajg) henry still a solid rb next thing i would do is explore moving theilan or ajg for a rb3 for try eckler and one of theilan/ajg and get a rb upgrade (mixon or edwards if you like them over eckler) baker goff hill woods ajg/theilan henry mixon/edwards waller could make a case for baker and henry for barkley according to these value (not that i put a whole lot of faith in them but they are something)
  16. you think? you put more value on age or career touches? probably a little bit of both but gurley is 25 and has 1483 career touches over 5 years vs ingram 1777 over 9 seasons, age 30 so basically ingram has one more workhorse year of touches spread out over 4 seasons another example is bell- just turned 28 in feb, 1852 career touches, over 5.5ish seasons dont think he holds any more risk than any of the other rb going around there (dj, gurley, bell, or younger guys like singletary, conner, montgomery and their workload) sure they have more upside but also already have been inj, and have more wear and tear. also ingram been going 15ish-20 in mocks while dj gurley going 25+ or 3rd rd. still need to handcuff him. dont know if id rather lock down dobbins and ingram (even on the high end for $35) or pay 40+ for edwards sanders ect on that last tier
  17. id rather go hard for mahomes. m thomas and a qb (even watson think he will struggle without nuk) for mahomes and decent wr2
  18. top 5 dynasty asset for a rookie rb on a trash team and organization for years/decades. one that wasted stafford and calvin another trash organization jax with trash qb play and a inconsistent wr play. very boom or bust. no chance i would build a trade around one of the main pieces being a wr tied to a 6th rd qb like minchew. easiest way to consistently win is draft good consistent players on good teams with good offense. picks do nothing for me as who knows what will be there or if you will even pick the right guy. not to mention it being an 8 teamer. why u in a rush to move thomas? you think hes going to fall of a cliff without brees?
  19. anyone think he will get a rotation spot to start the year? top 3 locked in morton snell glasnow.... chirinos, yarbrough t richards and mckay?
  20. well gibson went 10th rd 155overall and mcfarland 189 overall vs fitzmagic rd 16 250 overall. im open to suggestions for dart throws at pick 250 ha
  21. outside inj concerns hes about safest/consistent ppr 1st rder next to m thomas he played full season hes at 110 rec 1320 yds fantasypros "He's played 27 games over the last two years, and he's scored 16-plus PPR points in 23 of them"
  22. agree not a volume guy, never has been. problem i have is how aggressive should i be getting dobbins? couple things to consider. probably top cuff next to hunt both have rb1 ceilings if chubb/ingram go down. i see more safety with dobbins rather than dobbins/ingram being a headache to own and who to start each week. sweet spot would be ingram early 4th and handuff dobbins late 7 early 8. should be able to get 3 rb and have dobbins as ur rb4.
  23. 7 week season, 4 team playoff, (no 1st rd byes), 2 week playoffs.
  24. agree thanks. what about m thomas and perriman 4 julio and cooper (not high on julio at all but have to think starting both them is better than thomas sammy/perriman/fitz) really like hill and was thinking hill and andrews 4 thomas and oj howard (he owns gronk as well as andrews) but feel cooper at flex >>> andrews. but hill>julio imo