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  1. you think? you put more value on age or career touches? probably a little bit of both but gurley is 25 and has 1483 career touches over 5 years vs ingram 1777 over 9 seasons, age 30 so basically ingram has one more workhorse year of touches spread out over 4 seasons another example is bell- just turned 28 in feb, 1852 career touches, over 5.5ish seasons dont think he holds any more risk than any of the other rb going around there (dj, gurley, bell, or younger guys like singletary, conner, montgomery and their workload) sure they have more upside but also already have been inj, and have more wear and tear. also ingram been going 15ish-20 in mocks while dj gurley going 25+ or 3rd rd. still need to handcuff him. dont know if id rather lock down dobbins and ingram (even on the high end for $35) or pay 40+ for edwards sanders ect on that last tier
  2. id rather go hard for mahomes. m thomas and a qb (even watson think he will struggle without nuk) for mahomes and decent wr2
  3. top 5 dynasty asset for a rookie rb on a trash team and organization for years/decades. one that wasted stafford and calvin another trash organization jax with trash qb play and a inconsistent wr play. very boom or bust. no chance i would build a trade around one of the main pieces being a wr tied to a 6th rd qb like minchew. easiest way to consistently win is draft good consistent players on good teams with good offense. picks do nothing for me as who knows what will be there or if you will even pick the right guy. not to mention it being an 8 teamer. why u in a rush to move thomas? you think hes going to fall of a cliff without brees?
  4. anyone think he will get a rotation spot to start the year? top 3 locked in morton snell glasnow.... chirinos, yarbrough t richards and mckay?
  5. well gibson went 10th rd 155overall and mcfarland 189 overall vs fitzmagic rd 16 250 overall. im open to suggestions for dart throws at pick 250 ha
  6. outside inj concerns hes about safest/consistent ppr 1st rder next to m thomas he played full season hes at 110 rec 1320 yds fantasypros "He's played 27 games over the last two years, and he's scored 16-plus PPR points in 23 of them"
  7. agree not a volume guy, never has been. problem i have is how aggressive should i be getting dobbins? couple things to consider. probably top cuff next to hunt both have rb1 ceilings if chubb/ingram go down. i see more safety with dobbins rather than dobbins/ingram being a headache to own and who to start each week. sweet spot would be ingram early 4th and handuff dobbins late 7 early 8. should be able to get 3 rb and have dobbins as ur rb4.
  8. agree thanks. what about m thomas and perriman 4 julio and cooper (not high on julio at all but have to think starting both them is better than thomas sammy/perriman/fitz) really like hill and was thinking hill and andrews 4 thomas and oj howard (he owns gronk as well as andrews) but feel cooper at flex >>> andrews. but hill>julio imo
  9. should i drop fitzmagic and handcuff brees with winston? winston should be solid if brees goes down. fitzmagic doesnt really hold much value to me as my qb3 but he is starting and might start all year depending on tua. seems a bit premature to drop a starting qb. but brees/winston, and stafford seems better for my team. then again stafford does down and i wouldnt have a backup for brees/winston by week
  10. shucks so many hrs wasted in bball and baseball. exploiting trash owners for trades going down the sh*tter kill me
  11. pretty brutal. was hoping for more wr depth and some more upside but didnt work out. got decent core and brees fell into my lap. also made a room/impluse 2nd qb and grab stafford for safety/trade chip. qb brees wr m thomas 1.7 (mahomes and jackson went before) wr godwin (kelce went right before) rb akers (decide to gamble and swing for the fences here was debating hunt) rb cohen (reached in mid 70's not much left felt semi safe in full ppr) te ertz (i have a te problem. passed on juju) flex vaughn need some upside and some ppr floor not bad rb3 flex duuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. not sure if dj will eat all the rec. flex sammy bench-perriman, fitz, stafford, oj howard, hamler, gore, fitzmagic, dion lewis.
  12. i didnt know jeremy hill played for AZ last year.
  13. hunt especially sense you can keep him next year when he should get a featured roll. helps win now and sets you up nicely next year
  14. 16 team redraft, full ppr, 6 pt pass td 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 3flex, 1te hate 16 teamers but need to do a real league. 8 team playoffs, top 4 cash so just need to win one playoff game any draft ideas? ik starting 7 wr/rb i will be weak in a couple of positions. so best available wr heavy seems safer. also like the idea of getting a solid qb. will probably punt te. cmc, barkley, thomas, mahomes seem like the front 4? build a team around solid wr core for full ppr, and get a 2nd tier qb?
  15. even if ertz goes 80/800/7 thats 209 full ppr fantasy pts which would of but him at wr25 between diggs and obj 209 fantasy pts puts him at te4 where he was last year with 215 pts. vs te7 cook 167 and te9 godert 145 so if you wait on te and get 150 pt te thats 60ish pt difference if you take a wr in rd5 what are the odds that he outproduces a wr you can get later by 60 pts? say you take woods in the 5th and he produces like he did last year wr14 232 pts. you would need to drop all the way down to wr36/37 samuel 171 pts and slayton 170 pts to cover the 60 pt difference its been mentioned before, but it all comes down to if you feel more comfortable finding that next te breakout. vs wr
  16. not really. i agree the 3rd tier maybe not waller (full ppr) there isnt much difference but hard to say ertz who has 5 straight years 80+ rec (factoring missed games) and would of broke 90 rec last year if he didnt miss a game and 116 the year before. wentz if pretty good. no other real options deseason and alshon both inj. godert is pretty solid which will probably cap his td upside. unless ur talking .5 ppr. 90/975/8 seems very safe for a full season. not touching engram inj and henry inj/tyrod with a 10 foot pole. hard for me to hate on waller who just went 90/1150 and looks very good. andrews as well is solid and worth 5th rd pick. a little bias as i hit on waller and andrews last year. i guess if you think higbee and hurst or bold names listed above can make that leap. i dont
  17. @aapox will have to see how landrys hip recovery goes but until his production dips, cant get open, and move the chains im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt pencil in 80/1000/6 see no difference between his situation and woods other than i think baker has more upside and goff isnt very good. kupp will eat and for goff to be good he needs a solid run game and some time for play action. woods been solid just dont see the difference in adp both woods and landry have similar td upside. woods 100 games 25 tds vs landry 96 games 32 tds. factor in the 4/5th rd adp for woods vs landry 6/7th adp. not huge fan of parker but what he did to gilmore makes me believe in him. fitzmagic always supports his wr and if/when tua takes over i dont see how parker doesnt have similar impact if tua is the real deal. gallup going to be behind cooper, zeke, and dak rushing ability. have to think they didnt draft lamb not to get involved to some degree. cooper also had three games with 2 targets. dont see that happening again. also would think a winning formula would be get zeke the ball but who knows if dak is going to be airing it out. dak going to avg 305+ yds or closer to 275? 4500 yds projections. gallup projections 61 rec just under 1000 yds 6 tds ty too inj prone for my taste not that his games played says that but factoring size and age and recent production/inj. not sure how rivers will affect him. allen surprising is 6 2 vs hilton 5 10, hilton also 30. td upside also capped at 6-7. similar situation to landry minus the rec total. ty will lead the team in targets so hes got that. didnt allen lineup all over the field including the slot? does ty ever?
  18. thats fair. cutton ridley didnt make it back 4/5. dk was there. its just personal prefrence dont see how that wr core is any worse than woods? ty and gallup. all 3 are dnd for me maybe ty if cheap/desperate
  19. i did another one passing on kittle/kelce even though both went right before me late 2nd rd. id rather have this team and hope ertz/andrews make it back to me late 4th and if they arent there then you have a good chance at wr/wr sutton ridley dk ect 4/5 personally im not a fan of the 2/3 wr of kenny ju ju theilan obj. not at all a fan. i just dont seen enough difference between them and the wr available at 4/5 1. Saquon Barkley (NYG - RB) 2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC - RB) 3. Patrick Mahomes (KC - QB) 4. DeVante Parker (Mia - WR) 5. Mark Andrews (Bal - TE) 6. Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR) 7. Kareem Hunt (Cle - RB) 8. J.K. Dobbins (Bal - RB) 9. Marquise Brown (Bal - WR) 10. Diontae Johnson (Pit - WR) 11. Jerry Jeudy (Den - WR) 12. Alexander Mattison (Min - RB) 13. Tarik Cohen (Chi - RB) 14. Golden Tate (NYG - WR) 15. Sammy Watkins (KC - WR)
  20. but doesnt it make sense to punt wr2 or flex rather than te. kittle is most likely going to come close to ju ju, kenny, obj, theilan, ect in total ppr pts. so wouldnt you rather try and patchwork wr2/flex later in the draft? obviously you can do better than diontie johnson but id rather start diontie and kittle over kenny and hooper/hurst/fant/hockenson how do you guys feel about hunt as ur rb3 and starting flex on a team that has two high rd picks on rb and some elite qb and or te picks? full ppr
  21. mine ended up ....... left after diontae johnson so fill in some other wr pick 10-13 not ideal diontae johnson wr2 but serviceable. you could of took different rb2 instead of ingram and wouldnt have to cuff with dobbins in the 7th 1. Saquon Barkley (NYG - RB) 2. George Kittle (SF - TE) 3. Patrick Mahomes (KC - QB) 4. Mark Ingram II (Bal - RB) 5. Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR) 6. Kareem Hunt (Cle - RB) 7. J.K. Dobbins (Bal - RB) 8. Phillip Lindsay (Den - RB) 9. Diontae Johnson (Pit - WR) 10. Baker Mayfield (Cle - QB) 11. Tarik Cohen (Chi - RB) 12. Kansas City (KC - DEF) 13. Michael Badgley (LAC - K) 14. Alshon Jeffery (Phi - WR) 15. O.J. Howard (TB - TE) and this going rb/qb at the turn. 1. Ezekiel Elliott (Dal - RB) 2. Lamar Jackson (Bal - QB) 3. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC - RB) 4. Cooper Kupp (LAR - WR) 5. Zach Ertz (Phi - TE) 6. Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR) 7. Kareem Hunt (Cle - RB) 8. Ronald Jones II (TB - RB) 9. Ke'Shawn Vaughn (TB - RB) 10. Jerry Jeudy (Den - WR) 11. CeeDee Lamb (Dal - WR) 12. Golden Tate (NYG - WR) 13. Sammy Watkins (KC - WR) 14. Indianapolis (Ind - DEF) 15. Matt Prater (Det - K) either way if ur going qb/te at the turn ur going to be light on rb or wr. seems more logical to get some rb depth.
  22. yea im fine with kittle anytime in the top 15 in full ppr if you really like him. rather go cheaper option in ertz. but i see kittle fall to the 2/3 turn alot in mocks. maybe thats unlikely consensus adp is 17. probably depend on what platform you draft and for what its worth kittle goes 7ish bucks cheaper that kelce in auction. kelce rarely breaks $40.
  23. 1.5 damn. thats basically an extra 50 pts for kelse. curious if you would of went kelse over kamara who was there rd 2 for you? rb/wr wise