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  1. yea it had nothing to do with him being asian outside of how they (pitchers in asia/japan ) throw a sh*t load and have different schedules of when they pitch ect ... cmon on man anyways i am expecting the move to NL to be huge like almost every sp moving from AL to NL i still dont think yu is an ace / elite see what i did there
  2. yea AJ was a no brainer for me as well
  3. this ... you need atleast 3lb 3d 3db 3dl when tack solo are like 2.5 or 3 pts and tack assist 1.25 or 1.50 and the top tier lb score almost as much as rbs and wrs it makes for a challenging and much more fun draft... much more skill and reseacher involved and much more focus on draft build rather than just getting lucky and hitting on some flier rbs that become starters later in the year most fantasy players dont want the challenge as you can see.....
  4. if the wizard got in so should yadi and torri hunter (especially hunter as he was head and shoulders better swinging it)
  5. 12 team redraft h2h gave tailon and benintendi (wont stiff the field on my team) got yu
  6. truth... outside kuroda they all break... iwakuma and dice k most notably... tanaka and yu on the same path dont trust 5 10 sp throwing 95 to give me 200 plus inn either for multiple years
  7. last 30 days he has 7+ era almost 1.5 whip and his numbers have been trending down each of last 4 years... then take into account how asian pitchers age in the mlb
  8. might want to check their careers... sonny just as good if not better... minus the pre inj yu k/9 (i already sent an offer of sonny for yu just because of move to NL but sonny has more positives than yu imo)
  9. obviously... moving to the al east vs nl west.... but sonny throwing his best ball in his career and yu throwing his worst...
  10. of the two big names getting moved who you got... yu or sonny ros? fantasy wise
  11. fml watch tony watson be the only move doyers make
  12. does he still have 97 sinker tailing down and away to righties? looked like yesterday
  13. he will be even better in NE. than NO. by a good amount how do you guys feel aboke nuk vs cooks (ppr) usually favor the elite qb almost everytime but hopkins is special
  14. new name should be "art of the 3 for 1" 12 team h2h redraft 11 total trades- gave - springer, sale, scherzer, bellinger, rendon, mark renyolds, trumbo, donaldson, marte, salazar, b ham, dee, knebel, edwin diaz, trienan, heris, giles, bedrosian, bud, archie bradley, arrieta, tailon, duffy, got- trout, arrenado, kershaw, trea, rizzo, jdm, bum, thor, napoli added tailon back when dropped 8 total trades- gave- bellinger, lamb, braun, lindor, moose, thames, k seager, scooter, happ, archie bradley, archer, melancon, giles, grienke, maeda, addison russell, franco, betances, got- trout, blackmon, inj correa, donaldson, berrios, pujols beltran, buxton
  15. im holding one more week and seeing if trout can get red hot and help out old a$$ albert mazara hitting better lately and castellanos i guess are some other options for pujols owners
  16. and was pretty awful the two years prior as for jdm if he finishes strong this year and stays in az where is he getting drafted next year? mid/late 2nd
  17. i still believe his burst is on par with ecu cj2k... just got to find a way to get him the ball in any type space
  18. hasnt had any moster weeks outside of that 3 hr game but he is a very consistent and steady producer the 5-7 sb will be a nice surprise two bombs tonight btw
  19. he has been overrated his entire mlb career 1 year over 200 inn 1 year sub 3 era just south of 1.20 career whip didnt even look into advanced stats hes a good sp but not elite and not anyone i would want on my team in the postseason (probably could name atleast 15 other sp i would rather have) hes like a strasburg. hamels, price hell... give me sonny