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  1. how we feeling about him tonight? outdoors at arrowhead in dec. other option is Maher dome @ indy
  2. have no problem with non playoff teams making add drops. id much rather see that than eliminated teams not set their lineup the last couple weeks of regular season and giving free wins away
  3. same. never played in small stakes leagues but every league im in is filled with owners that only want to win a trade. 3 high stakes leagues have 0 trades in the entire league. have been in so many leagues the last 2 years when trades get vetoed (never had a trade veto in baseball or football last 3-5 years)
  4. that's not a bad trade at all id rather have Covington over DeRozan but would rather have lillard over butler just because I don't trust butler or build around a player like him if that was vetoed in my league I would know I was playing with a bunch of pussies. but then again most basketball leagues are filled with them
  5. Ab, Kamara, Nuk got me like 38 pts (ppr ) and still won
  6. your team looks pretty solid in the steals department so I wouldn't mind getting miortic. looks like you need a big so Collins makes more sense.
  7. I would hold d green in that team unless its shallow
  8. agree with ingram and dsj not so much with wiggins I got wiggens in 7th 8th and 8th rd (12 teamers)I didn't see anybody reaching for wiggins in the top 75 if you can manage his flaws or certain build his pts, steals, 3's are pretty solid and in the 7-8 rd most players have their flaws I also think his fg% will rise a good amount as his career fg% suggest
  9. give kawhi and mcgee get dipo and gobert im punting ft and assist 9cat 12 team any reason to worry about dipos knee or worth the gamble obviously gobert is a 1st rd player in my build even though I really don't need him but still like the idea of cashing in on mcgee pg brogdon sg kawhi, buddy, crabbe, joe harris/stream sf Covington, porter jr, wiggins pf/c embid, capella, adams, mcgee
  10. anyone who made playoffs and was starting lewis probably had a stars and scrubs type team. I was hope for double digit points and he got that (ppr) it was such a tease seeing lewis get stuffed twice at the 1 and getting run down on that 1st drive big play screen
  11. 12 team 2 qb 1 pt ppr scoring favors qbs Best Draft Pick-cmc at 20, Kelce at 44 Worst Draft Pick- alf morris 125 tate 53 Best WW Addition- cohen, Winston after I dropped him (2 qb league) Worst Drop Decision- winston Best Trade- gave cohen got Ty Hilton (we will see final outcome during fantasy playoffs) Worst Trade- gave tyreek hill for cam newton (2 qb league scoring favors qbs) (we will see how that plays out in fantasy playoffs) was close to a perfect draft out of pick 1.5 barkley cmc hill kelce tate wanted mahomes here and he was taken j gordon dak edelmen winston
  12. ha the most awkward smack ever... agree cp3 is such a turd and that whole LAC team with cp3 were such babies every game
  13. like crap. jax def is fast so I don't expect much yards after catch. let just hope he gets 5 catches no other option for me ty Montgomery is my only other option ha
  14. 24 hrs isn't challenging 30 hrs anyways he will be a steal in the 2nd rd if he bounce back there a wide range of outcomes as he could go 15/20 or 22-25/30 neither would surprise me
  15. he never did and has only 2 years of 20+ hrs
  16. man those steals are so valuable from a center especially if you are punting ft and have adams paired up with an elite shot blocker or 2. 16th overall in punt assists ft build
  17. didn't think he would hold up for full season thank God he fell to me in the mid 2nd rd as I was not willing to pay the price in auction. shaq, cmc, hill, Kelce build was fun hope it pays off after the bye
  18. 0% chance he shoots 47% on the year (assuming he plays full year) what type guard can shoot 47% fg and not shoot 75% ft% doesn't add up (outside the pt forwards which fox is not) or a rondo /payton which fox is not
  19. adams>=dj so if you can pull that that's huge win for you value wise you have to take it. worry about how butler fits after you get him you will lose 3's and reb (if you don't get adams)
  20. I was looking at Bradley for short term. Bradley and lin cant get behind smart unless you are punting certain cats
  21. yea I wouldn't worry or force a trade. love and dipo will help alot if you have enough steals then you could move otto porter for more pts but I still value porter as a top 30 asset so don't think you can get that for him right now he did just go 3/3/3
  22. don't see much of a difference between Ayton and nurk ROS I don't think aytons stocks all of sudden take a huge leap this year so if you like prince and r jax more than sga and evan then you should take it
  23. in a punt ft team is there any difference between capela and Harrell? Harrell ranked 9th overall, capela 5th overall the past month own both capela and Harrell and trying to get AD from another punt ft team. any reason to think Harrell wont keep it up?