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  1. its very simple. you want the rb thats going to be in the best offense in fb or you dont. (over 35 pts per game 2018, 28 per game last year, so 30+ pts per game seems like floor with healthy mahomes im all for floor but to say cook (inj) or mixon CIN ha, or drake sample size or henry td dependent no rec, are safer seems silly. i dont see how he doesnt get enough touches to be as "safe" as other mid 1 rders. zero chance i take him over MT in full ppr. dont care what rb are available later. zero shares. would take him over cook, henry, mixon, drake, in full ppr without thinking twice. no chance i would take ceh over mt or the front 4 of kamara, zeke, cmc, barkley
  2. what? 10 game sample size vs one, if not the best baseball player? u crazy soto so hot right now.
  3. dont know it has been mentioned but wick gave up 0 hrs in 31 games. thats impressive even when you factor in luck/not repeatable. that britton territory.
  4. 12 team redraft gave paddack, fletcher got lindor buy low but who knows with such samll sample size ROS
  5. for this to happen he would need to get inj. outside that there is small chance of that happening based on workload and 3/4th rd adp. no supporter, never owned him. but looking at touches, 3 down back, and goaline work it seems so easy to draft him in the 4th.
  6. ff harris couldnt take any snaps from awful sony last year and they just signed lamar, then reading between the lines says harris isnt the answer.
  7. weak. should of been 3. one series. (is that possible or is 5 minimum or something)
  8. id do it for chark and waller. 5 rd discount for fringe 1st rder is pretty nice and more valuable than a top 50ish player with a larger discount. id probably do it for moore as well if thats what it take. but have moore>>chark 10 teamer replacement value of a wr2 should be easy to find during ur draft. sanders in the 6th is all profit
  9. depends what sanders keeper cost is.
  10. ceh. think you are putting too much value on 6 pt pass td in 12 team. assuming not superflex.
  11. better auction strategy than snake as you can get better quantity and quality if you want to build around mahomes/kelce i think mahomes is in a class by himself even fantasy wise. i have seen some good te options fall in my drafts, even that 2nd tier with ertz/andrews. aalot of people going for that cheap breakout target later (hock, mike, fant, ect) dont see getting both qb and te it as a viable option in 12 team snake with ur front 2 picks. one or the other is doable
  12. this jones on the low end is atleast 40. hunt on the high end is 15ish. so you arent gaining any discount or value this year and are keeping the weaker of the two options.
  13. gore is non factor. 11 rushes inside the 5 for 0 yds last year, 18 attempt inside the 10 yd line for 4 yds, 25 inside the 20 for 35 yds. then again he should not of got those touches in the first place.
  14. 14 team full ppr redraft 3wr/2rb/1flex give aj green and hardman get sutton or dk? i got hardman and sammy as my wr4/5. Is the depth they provide more valuable than the upgrade to a more stable wr? or is sutton/dk even that much more likely to outproduce aj green if healthy with burrow? with inj and the virus and mercole potential to improve his route running he has big upside. but as a den/sutton fan im a bit bias on sutton. dk seems hard to trust as well with lockett and sea passing attack but his upside is wr1 my team qb cam wr adams wr aj green wr dionte rb kamara rb ingram te waller flex rojo bench-burrow, sammy, hardman, lindsey, lamar miller, hockenson
  15. agree. especially a divsion rival like hou. and oak being the best team in baseball on huge win streak that was in the process of sweeping hou. sucks but that was necessary. even though his attempt was pretty weak. it shouldnt be that long as he didnt throw any punches that i saw and was going after the hitting coach only. ha
  16. yea its basically drafting a better, healthier, DJ with rushing upside as dj is awful running the ball. only thing dj has going for him is watson who isnt exactly the check down king
  17. 20 bb now. need to move him to the 2 hole.
  18. brady did throw it 613 times last year with elite def vs winston 626. unless you are expecting huge games from the rb spot in airens off. then i dont know if that number of pass attempts will be all that different.
  19. is the unknown baked into his top 15 ppr adp? feels silly to think that gronk/oj are going to hinder godwins target share or atleast brady is going to make up that difference being a better qb than winston. hill going well ahead of godwin and about 10-15$ more expensive yet godwin last year was =/better than hill 2018 when mahomes went off (godwin 16 game pace 2019- 98 rec, 1523 yds 10 tds) understand the appeal of mahomes lead offense but that gap between hill and godwin doesnt make sense to me. or am i putting too much value on last years stats for godwin?
  20. one was a pretty nasty balk move. not sure about the other one
  21. cmon on you cant play 80%. thats when you get hurt. unnecessary risk and dumb attempts ok but making a great play for a gold glove level of. is going to happen
  22. col coming off home stand. best time to catch them.