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  1. You make total sense. [...] I will 100% go with Wentz if Alshon is active.
  2. Not counting on it. Need a win next week to make the playoffs, planning on streaming Darnold or tannehill if available
  3. If this guy hadn't logged a single carry yesterday, I'd still be over the moon with his 9 for 62 on 12 targets through the air. TDs aside (he was due for positive regression), he has proven to be a serious value at his ADP.
  4. If you held (or even started) through his month long gauntlet, and are dropping now, you're doing fantasy wrong.
  5. Dropped him to carry Justin Tucker through his bye week. That's about as valuable as I consider this guy to be...
  6. cut him? No that was a month ago.
  7. Might decide to let the vultures battle over Ty tonight, then pick up CJA after waivers runs. Can easily drop Sunday morning if nothing happens.
  8. TDs would be nice but I'm loving the volume and even receptions this year give this guy a high floor. Word to the wise, handcuff him with Armstead or you're playing with fire
  9. Yep led the team in targets. This guy might save those of us (many of us) who have had a huge black hole at TE streaming all year with the likes of McDonald, Graham, hockenson, etc
  10. He's a hold for me. Bye weeks coming up, he has a decent enough shot to get double digit carries in the right gamescript
  11. Possibly, but I was talking about snaps. All 3 were rotated in pretty regularly in the 1st half, seemed that way anyway (maybe my eyes were lying to me).
  12. I watched up until halftime and saw much more of Mostart then I would have liked. Don't have any data though, just watching the game and keeping tabs on Coleman and brieda
  13. Mostert was much more involved than I'd care for. The split with Brieda isn't going anywhere, but all 3 seems to be splitting time for a while there late 1st through halftime at least. Hopefully shanahan didn't want to get TC too many reps his first week back.
  14. My concern is is the connection Darnold had with Crowder. Tiny sample of course, but maybe he takes the under pressure dump offs. Also Bell. Neither of these guys were Jets last year.