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  1. He's on pace for over 60 catches and that was mostly with Dak throwing downfield. Dalton HEAVILY targeted him and pollard last night. This should be fun.
  2. Lol fade to the right fade to.the left. Mccarthy lmao
  3. Bad game for zeke, but assuming he gets his job back, will be HEAVILY targeted
  4. Dalton driving a Ferrari off a cliff. To think what aj green could have been with a competent qb
  5. #1 WR on a good offense run by a great QB, will be chasing points all season bc defense can't stop a nosebleed. What's the problem?
  6. To be fair to Dalton, he's gotten 0 protection. But still...
  7. He'll be a tough sit vs ATL next week. Beyond that, 3 single digit PPR performances in 4 weeks aren't gonna cut it. Do something or it's an easy bench.
  8. Any updates? I've googled and Roto'ed but no luck. Maybe he's fine...
  9. Wow Hoyer. First the nonsense before halftime, now this?
  10. Stashing in both leagues. They'll be chasing points all year and Burrow seems to have carte blanche to throw at will, targets TEs...and its only a matter of time before Green goes down.
  11. A featured back we all got for nothing. This is fun. Reminds me of 2018 James Conner.
  12. Absolute steal off the wire. Opportunity opportunity opportunity