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  1. I'd be more interested if the buy-in was higher and owners need to invest 50% of next seasons buy-in, because it's a dynasty or the chances of this league being around in year 2 are slim
  2. I’m interested. please send link to full roster thank you.
  3. I’m more interested in the league and the way you have it set up. I know this team is going to need a ton of work after just one year. Can I see the full roster?
  4. H2H Points dynasty needs to replace some existing owners. League fee is $125, hosted on Fantrax (which is awesome for contracts). Auction date will be voted on after league has filled. ALL players are without a contract, so everyone is open to being cut or is able to be extended at the base rate plus $2 per year. Sign just one, or sign them all, its up to the new owner! Here is a summary of the rules, we have a larger constitution available for those interested. -12 Team Fantrax H2H Points League with Contracts & Minor Leagues -Prospect Draft, Signing Bonuses, Designated for Assignment Rules -After the auction, all Player Values, Contracts, and Service Time will be displayed on Fantrax -Very Organized and Active - Minor league/Prospect Draft is four rounds and scheduled to being as soon as the league is full. - All funds handled through LeagueSafe! - Here are the settings: The owners are responsible for signing players, both long term and through the auction, to a maximum $300 annual salary cap. Draft budget is $260. The buy in is $125 with all funds collected after the $6 per team Fantrax fee being paid out to the top 4 teams. Contracts tendered may range from one to seven years ($2 X number of years added to existing salary). Extensions are subject to signing bonuses. Keeper salaries are deducted from a $300 budget, with the remainder to be used during the auction at Fantrax. Email me at Here are the teams available: HARPER & STANTON: VOTTO, BENINTENDI, & MORE:
  5. It's a really fun and competitive league. Just looking for Owners to take over 2 orphan teams that have superstars on both.
  6. Hey, How have you been? You and your cousin I think were in my league for football a couple years ago. I'll take over the team with Trout and Lindor.