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  1. If they do not put him on IR before the games this week, it should tell us the injury is not as serious as first reported. The only way they do not IR him is if they believe he will play in the next three games. Im hoping his status stays as it is right now
  2. Stay put, RB's have much more value than a 5th WR
  3. I also like the Golladay side, but it is close
  4. Kelley, I think he has a much better chance for a TD then Haskin
  5. Take Julio, Nobody knows what Parker's value will be when Tua eventually starts
  6. Samual for safety, Hardman for ceiling
  7. Gibson for sure and then it is between Kelley and Harris for me. I think I would go with Harris, but Harris is more risk than Kelley
  8. Henry side wins in a landslide. This is not close. Davis is going away so the trade is Mixon for Henry. You would want Henry everytime here
  9. Who would you rather own ROS in Standard scoring?
  10. Probably Shenault, I just don't trust him week in and out
  11. If PPR hold onto CMC. If standard I would only trade for Henry, if you believe you will not make the playoffs by holding onto CMC.
  12. Start Mixon, I would not drop either of those receivers.
  13. I would do the trade for either runningback. I actually prefer Gurley over Hunt. Just think Hunt is going to cool off unless he starts getting more touches. His touches have been low
  14. I think I would do this, but you are losing a little bit in TE and getting depth at RB. Its early in the season, so you might be able to trade a RB later to improve your team.