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  1. I would trust him over the others you state
  2. If hooper is healthy I would play him. I just see them behind and throwing.
  3. Sit Devin, otherwise my second choice would be Sanders. I am worried he gets less run with Scott
  4. I would probably go Miller, but Laird is the safest pick
  5. I go Mostert. Just seems to have same floor in this matchup and much higher ceiling
  6. I would go Tannehill. I think they have same upside, but injury concerns for Winston
  7. Standard Scoring Will Fuller @ Tennessee Dede Westbrook @ Oakland
  8. If Parker is healthy, I am put him in over Deebo. That is a tossup, but if healthy I would
  9. Higbee maybe, but not Njoku. I would stay with Hunter
  10. I just can't imagine not starting Lamar. I think you have to
  11. I would start Higbee, he has been good as of late. I am just not sure how long Andrews will play
  12. I would go Gallup. I think they will be behind and Cooper being covered by Ramsey
  13. I would leave as you have it, but put in Washington in flex if Jacobs does not play
  14. I do not trust Conner this week. It seems risky knowing the last game he played he left early.
  15. Washington if no Jacobs, otherwise Brown