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  1. Thank you for all of the interest. League is now full.
  2. Dynasty league of 16 diehard baseball fan owners, from around the country. Teams are built through good scouting, good drafting, trading, and timely free agent moves. Owners are knowledgable, hard working, open to communication, and easy to get along with. Where as football is a sprint, with teams that change from year to year.....baseball is a labor of love, built piece by piece.....torn down, and rebuilt again, if needed! League is a dynasty league. There are 16 owners. Each team has a roster limit of 30 players.A legal lineup consists of 8 position players SS, 2B, 3B, 1B, OF, OF, OF, C, and 3 utility hitters. Lineup also consists of 5 SP and 3 Relievers.Each team competes, head to head, with another team, each week. They compete in 5 hitting CATs and 5 pitching CATs. Hitting CATs include OBP (walks count), total bases (extra bases count), net steals (minus caught stealing), runs, and RBIS. Pitching CATs include ERA, WHIP, strikeouts, Wins, and net saves (minus blown saves). Lineups are set weekly......one hour before the first game of the week.....is the lineup deadline. If a change must be made, after that time.........A message must be clearly posted to the league's message board......AND no stats of affected players may be accumulated, at time of the message. Email must also be sent to a commissioner......OR opponent and one commissioner alerted....OR two commissioners alerted.....alert by text or email. The schedule consists of 22 weeks....Home and away against each opponent in your conference (14 weeks.....first 7 weeks, and last 7 weeks of regular season)......and 8 series against opponents in other conference, during middle 8 weeks of the season ( 4 home and 4 away). Each season is 220 games. 22 weeks x 10 games. and much more...great league needs one new owner.Contact Bret at skyandro at aol dot com. Will invite you in to view team/league.