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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to join a new startup league. Preferably deep and with some money tied in for an incentive for everyone to stay active. I'm open to hearing anything out there and if there is a chat or groupme to help facilitate trades that'd be awesome. Definitely interested in a salary league if available but it doesn't have to be. Thanks!
  2. I'm in a 12 team league in the first round of the playoffs playing a higher seed and it's currently 5-5. I have Kyle Tucker but I'm wondering if it would be smart to dump him while he figures out his at-bats early on. I know Springer went down and Reddick is slumping but would you guys keep him on your roster? The guys on the FA market are Mazara, Wong, Starlin, etc. so they although they aren't going to light it up, at least they have consistent ABs. Thanks!
  3. Thank you! I'm in and I can pay through leaguesafe whenever the link is emailed
  4. I'll join! I really like all the settings, sounds like a great league for years to come. aguirre.alec@gmail.com
  5. You and me both lol, I'm hoping this league gets going asap
  6. I'm interested if you still have an open spot. I'll pay right away aguirre.alec@gmail.com
  7. Hey not trying to be impatient, just making sure this league is still happening? I only do 1 league a year so hoping its this one
  8. Thank you I appreciate it too but yeah I didn't get the link/email invite either I'll join as soon as I get it
  9. Hey can I get an invite to the league? I'm definitely interested and I can pay right away
  10. I'm in, aguirre.alec@gmail.com Also is there going to be a groupme or anything similar to help drive trades?
  11. Hey was just wondering if the invite is still on its way? Thanks!