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  1. Just pointing out he could be a play for a week or two and someone to monitor. I'll believe it when I see it if Jeffery can play and stay on the field. I was hoping DeSean would have a good year but he can't ever stay healthy either. Better to grab a guy now and see how it plays out (if you have a roster spot) than to try to play the WW next week after he produces again. Just someone to monitor.
  2. Probably true but here is the interesting thing about this guy (and I haven't seen him play) but he's caught every target this year. Its not a lot but its worth monitoring if he starts becoming more of a factor. Appreciate these heads-up threads. This might not be a thing for this week but if you have a deep league, injuries, extra spot burning a hole in your roster, dynasty etc. then this guy might be a longer term dart throw. I love Diggs but he hasn't always been a pillar of health either...
  3. 84% snap count last week - 11 targets, 8 rec. Everyone is injured, COVID happened. This guy is likely seeing the starting lineup. He had a not bad finish to the end of last year when he cracked the starting roster (85%+ SC last 4 games and totaled 30 targets. Ertz and Ward only healthy guys right now....
  4. 15 carries and 3 targets is his average so far this year at 55% snap count. That's worth a flex spot unless you have some crazy other options. I'm going to keep rolling him in my flex, especially with what should be an increased market share.
  5. True, Patterson may end up getting more of the passing work. But I'm still hopeful Monty can get some extra targets each game now. Maybe Foles is the guy to make it happen. Foles doesn't have to be good, just good enough to get the ball in Monty's hands.
  6. I don't own Henderson (I did last year) but I'm a fan. Having said that who is Monty's competition now? I'm not sure I trust LAR to be consistent week to week with the RB usage. What do they have planned with Akers? As it stands now I go Monty and its not a question. I had to go look up who the next back-up is in CHI as I have no idea. And I don't consider Patterson a true RB other than a gadget type player every now an then. Maybe he steals 4-5 carries a game. Not an issue. Now if Monty can pound in the RZ/GL carries and up his TD rate....
  7. Tempering expectations is a good thing here but hopefully he get get some extra passing game targets now with Cohen out. If he can get 5-6 targets at least.... he's only had 3 each game up to this point. 4 or 5 receptions for 45 yards would be really helpful...
  8. Nagy has always been an issue with RBs, but a lot of coaches play the RBBC and try to out think the opponent when sometimes they should just play the better back most of the time. Everyone wants to be the next Bilichek... As for Monty, I took advantage of his early injury news and snatched him up where possible and this Cohen injury will add more touches. But this is still the Bears we are talking about. I'm optimistic that the move to Foles will be better but its not guaranteed. The injury to Cohen is more of a benefit. As for buying low, I think that ship has sailed now with the injury. Now, if he doesn't produce this week, then the buy low window will have been extended. But if he gets 20+ touches this week I think good things happen.
  9. Why wait until week 8 - why can't he start balling earlier? My season might be over by week 8 if things don't improve. I'm a big fan of this guy but not comfortable with the current situation. I'm getting offers for this guy in keeper leagues and it may be time to sell. These situations are hard to sort out. 9 and 13 targets are fantastic. 4 targets suck. Having said that he's still playing almost 90% of the snaps. Better days have to come....
  10. Anyone feel this guy could win out and be an RB1 ROS? Maybe their RB of the future? I don't trust this organization as they royal screw up RBs. RBs seem to need to leave to find their true value.
  11. If he catches that 1 TD I think he's running with things and its a whole different story. Looks like they are being slow to increase his workload and going with the veteran instead... Not sure how long that can hold up though. I assume they will want to see what they have with Swift and give him a lot more touches, especially if they keep losing.
  12. I currently don't own him but I'm lurking in here as I have a chance to own this guy in a long term keeper league. I can't decide what to do if he's legit long term option for RB or if he's a one-year wonder (if even that). Things could change quickly and he could go back to third string....
  13. He's back in my line-up - I apologize in advance. Having said that I also might be looking to trade for this guy as some owners are a getting a little jumpy again. It's risky but as people said the schedule starts to look a little better and this might be the lowest buy opportunity if he stays healthy.
  14. I didn't see any of this last game but heard rumblings about drops? Is he dropping easy passes? I do like having this guy in a big keeper/dynasty league.