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  1. I traded for him in 2018 in a keeper/dynasty and couldn't be happier. I think big things are on the way for Moore. For those that caution about over-hype and drafting too early that is a concern. I love owning Moore but I still think he has ways to improve and there may be a bit of a learning curve with a new coach and potentially new offense. I'd love to get him for a reasonable price in a few other leagues and maybe the Samuel hype train will get out of control this offseason too and help keep Moore's value low(er). Samuel did get 100 targets last year and its not a bad thing having a burner who can go deep to clear things out for Moore and take some of the heat off him.
  2. I think this statement (below) by Saban is they key to remember for fantasy purposes. I've said it probably 10x in the past year or two on these forums.... sometimes it just takes time for these players to develop. Don't let their first or even second year determine the rest of their NFL (fantasy) career. “And I think every player -- and Derrick probably went through this when he went from college to the NFL -- when you go from high school to college or college to the NFL, I think there’s sort of an acclimation that you sort of go through to learn a system and figure out how you’ve got to play to be successful at that level. I think it’s a little different. That took a little time, and now that Derrick’s got his opportunity, he’s certainly taking advantage of it.” Everyone wants immediate success for their rookie or even 2nd year player. Sometimes it just takes time for them to develop or time for them to get their opportunity. Some may remember the thinking that WRs really started to show their form in their 3rd year. That still hold true in a lot of areas and I believe the stacked NFL draft of 2014 WRs ruined the normal FF thinking. People are so quick to write-off players like Henry when they hadn't truly been given the full opportunity and the player may have needed to figure out a few things and how things work in the NFL.
  3. Some people just want to hate. Henry is a beast and people still complaining about his catches. It is what it is. He can catch the ball, but its on the offense and play design and the QB to get him the ball. Henry just set the record for most rush yards in an 8-game stretch by any RB. He can score TDs from anywhere on the field at any given time. First player in NFL history to rush for over 180 yards in 3 consecutive games. Complaint "He doesn't catch enough passes" Results: Finished as the 5th ranked RB in PPR and tied for 3rd in 0.5PPR
  4. Looking forward to seeing his 2019-20 highlight reel.
  5. I agree in that if they commit to Chubb he's going to produce as he's a great back. Having said that if CLE further regresses it could get ugly. I doubt that will happen and expect better things next year. I don't see why Chubb isn't top 3 in rushing yards again this (new) year.
  6. I am always leery of a coaching change as anything could happen. Having said that there is no reason CLE shouldn't be better next year with a new HC. Chubb had a good year but it could be even better next year if they lean on him like TEN did King Henry. With a better o-line and a passing game it should help open things up for Chubb.
  7. If you were Brady would you want to play in that division? The offense has weapons but not sure I would want to make that move. As a Dolphins fan I love seeing the Patriots implode. Having said that I expect Brady to be back with NE unless he's totally sick of all the crap that is going on there. I have a hard time Kraft doesn't find a way to give Brady a ton of money. Probably been giving Brady under-the-table "special deals" the whole time. Oh guys look Brady has been giving the Patriots a deal the whole time, only for Kraft to give brady a few million a year to replace staples in one of his offices.
  8. Thanks for the invite but I will have to pass on this.
  9. Well said and I agree. Henry is only 25 and as it stands now, is the bell cow in TEN an their offense runs around him. He's going to get most of the GL carries and not only that is he can literally score from anywhere on the field. Lead the league in rushing yards this year. He's going to be taken in the first 2 rounds FOR SURE and will likely even creep close to the first round in PPR leagues. To leave him out of the top 25 is an error.
  10. So I'm curious what the deal is with the shoulder. Sure hope he doesn't need shoulder surgery. I owned Doug Martin and he just didn't seem right after he had his shoulder injury.
  11. I appreciate the list and anyone who attempts to put something like this together. Not easy and leaves you open for criticism... so here goes. Ha. If you take Edelman before Henry you are making a grave mistake. Henry was the 5th ranked RB in PPR I do believe and you can say he doesn't catch passes but he produces and it doesn't matter how you get your points. As for Lamar Jackson I'm definitely curious to see where his ADP goes. I have an option to keep him in one league but I hate keeping QBs. But how do you not keep Lamar? I think he got lucky staying healthy this year but with his rushing stats his numbers are insane. Most QBs who have monster years end up regressing... will it happen again? As for Mixon I'm hoping I can start buying him up again and hopefully he's not too expensive. Trade him away 2 years ago in a keeper league and I'm regretting it. Evan - what a monster, but his games where he doesn't get a lot of targets is concerning and hurts bigtime. I've kept him for the last 4-5 years and I may try to trade him off.... The big weeks are amazing, and there is no reason he can't do it every week. I just don't understand with that offense what is going on week to week.
  12. Adam Gase wrecking another team. Good luck Jets fans. He was worse than Philbin in Miami and that is saying something.
  13. He's always been good. They just decided to feature him instead of sharing touches with Lewis. Also, Eddie George slapped him upside the head.
  14. This is my issue. Do I keep Lamar in my one league? He was a beast but look at Mahomes. He had a few injuries and some quiet games and regressed a bit. Mahomes should be better next year but I just don't see how Lamar puts up these absurd numbers again. He will be good and his running ability is crazy but that can also get him in trouble. He took a monster shot vs CLE that if it was a couple inches higher he would have been knocked out. Risk vs reward with Lamar.