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  1. You have to remember these kids are young and are still developing changing. These kids are going hard and putting a lot of stress on their bodies at a young age. I notice once they hit 24-25 and have stopped changing they start seeing less injuries. Again the nature of the sport, the hitting and tackling etc. is always a risk but often once a player stops growing/changing they can settle in to a better routine.
  2. Its a fair point - he hasn't been given the full workload. He's sharing time and touches. If he isn't given the chance to be the true starter and 3-down back then he probably isn't worth it. But if he can stay healthy and is given all 3 downs to show we he can do I think he can put up good numbers.
  3. It is misleading, but your point does stand - it would be nice to see what this guy can do being healthy for a full year. He produced with what touches he got in week 16 and 17 last year (11 each game), but wasn't given a full load. Do they trust him for a full load? I really like this kid and would love to take a gamble on him. He's only 22 and has lots ahead of him.
  4. Did I miss something - did he just get injured?
  5. They wouldn't have beat NE or BAL if they just had Lewis.
  6. You sure? New England lost the game and they couldn't stop Henry. Everyone wrote off TEN in the playoffs. They wouldn't be able to beat NE in their own barn with how good NE's defense is. Henry rushes for 182 yards and a TD and carries TEN on his back to a win. Then there is no way they beat BAL in their own barn with how good BAL D is. Henry rushes for 195 yards and even throws a TD pass, carrying the team on his back again. NE and BAL had top rated defenses this year and were both playing at home. Henry trucked all over them. While it has been talked about, what Henry did doesn't get enough credit IMO. 182 and 195 yards vs two of the top rated Ds in the league. We aren't talking a 100 yard rushing game - 182 and 195 yards! I'm not saying he's the best RB in the league, but he still takes way too much flack considering what he did at the end of 2018, a full 2019 season as well as in the playoffs. Some historic numbers.
  7. Henry scored 12 TDs in 2018 when he was barely used for the first half of the season. Henry easily gets 12 TDs next year if everything stays the same. We see that you don't like Henry and are grasping for straws here. I appreciate the discussion and breakdown of the stats but the consistency is there. It was there when they used him full time at the end of 2018 and it was there for all of 2019. So now we have a season and a half to look at and there is no reason this can't continue going forward. Did you already forget Henry spanking the great defensive minded Bilichek in a do or die playoff game that was held in NE? NE knew they had to stop Henry and they couldn't. Most teams couldn't. We get that you are dead set on the fact that Henry doesn't catch passes while ignoring the fact he was the 5th ranked RB in PPR last year.
  8. So here is a question, for 2020 and longer (keeper/dynasty) where does Mahomes rank compared to Lamar Jackson? 2018 NFL season Mahomes finished with 410pts and last season (2019) Jackson finished with 408. Now Mahomes had a bit of a slump in 2019 at times but turned it on down the stretch and in the playoffs. There were times when the team was slow out of the gates but watching Mahomes play and scramble and find open receivers and keep the play alive is amazing. I think he sees the field and reads the defenses better than Jackson. I owned Jackson last year in a keeper but thinking of trading him for Mahomes. I may be able to get a little extra out of the Mahomes owner as well with all the hype on Jackson and Mahomes having a "quieter" year. I really like Mahomes long term, especially in keeper leagues and still think he might be better over his career than Jackson. Jackson's strength is in his ability to gain rushing yards which really helps raise his floor. But I'm still not set on Jackson long term when comparing him to Mahomes.
  9. Those are some good points that should be taken into account. Stats are great, analytics are great, but one also has to take into account many other factors include the team/offense and play calls/usage. Then when you go back and watch the tape and realize Henry is a beast and does things no other RB can do due to his size and speed, the "overachievement" statement might not be correct. I don't for a second believe it is overachieving. He's just better than most RBs because those other RBs can't do what he can do.
  10. Now for Henry's contract situation: At first glance the comment about Zeke's contract as a floor is a bit shocking. Then it goes on to say that Henry misunderstood the initial question and said his agent will do the talking. So being paid near the top of the RBs contract/structure is likely the goal (not really shocking considering the short shelf life of RBs) Henry did go on to say he wants to stay with TEN and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. As long as Henry's expectations aren't way out there I assume a deal will get done. I also think TEN is still the best place for Henry as they are finally understanding how to use him and he's getting comfortable with the O-line, QB and offense. Nothing is guaranteed if he goes somewhere else. As an owner of Henry in a Dynasty and a keeper league a move to a new team would have to be re-evaluated if it came to that. I wouldn't be a fan. By the end of last year I was starting to get some insane trade offers for Henry from people wanting to make a playoff run but I was in my own run and didn't want to give him up. I'm a Henry lifer. Having said that his value is probably the highest it will be and if your stacked at RB and need a big ticket player now might be the time to trade him. Just don't complain when he trucks you for 200 yards and 3 TDs when you go against him.
  11. There will be lots of people that don't like Henry again this year. That is fine but if everything goes as it should, which is not always the case in fantasy, Henry will be pushing for a top 5 RB finish once again in 2020 (Assuming he signs with TEN, isn't franchised and doesn't hold out). I guess it depends if you want to draft a top 5 RB? Henry set records this year when team were trying to stop him specifically. He can score from anywhere on the field. As for his running style and getting "tee'd up" I think you may be mistaken. He's exceptionally fast for his size, has longer arms than most defenders which lets him shed blocks and stiff arm wanna be tacklers. If you want to say that RB is a position that is susceptible to getting hurt that would be fair but if you watched Henry this year defenders would rather not hit and tackle this guy. Henry is usually the guy trucking people and running them over. As for his drafted position everyone will have their preference on who they want to draft and Henry might not be one of your top RBs. But if Henry is sitting there at a spot where you should reasonably take him (for your league/settings etc.) and you pass him up because of some strange bias, that is on you. Henry BEASTED this year, he set NFL records for rushing yards in consecutive games and these teams went in to the game trying to stop him. The thing I like about Henry is that he can bust a 60+ yard run at any given time, but he is also the guy at the goal line, getting the goal line carries. Henry even threw a TD pass in the red zone. You don't think TEN will continue to find ways to use their best offensive threat? Henry was #2 RB in Standard scoring and #5 in PPR. Don't let him slip by you if he's there in a place where you should pick him.
  12. As a Fins fan I hate the Patriots but it makes sense if he would look there. Definitely help Brady out if he stays. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  13. Oh for sure, they get paid. But I'd say their career/stats don't always work out the best. Bell was a flop with the Jets. Having said that it is the Jets and Adam Gase LOL. A good system can make a good RB great and I'd say they take a risk, career wise, going somewhere new. If all they want is the money (which most do and I guess you can't blame them) then all the power to them.
  14. I'm a huge Henry fan but I don't think he's worth being the highest paid RB. One of the top paid ones, yes, but honestly don't think he's worth being paid the most. Will be curious how this plays out. Here is some top contracts for comparison. Player Team Age Total Value Avg./Year Total Guaranteed Fully Guaranteed Free Agency Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys 25 $90,000,000 $15,000,000 $50,052,137 $28,052,137 2027 UFA Todd Gurley Rams 26 $57,500,000 $14,375,000 $45,000,000 $21,950,000 2024 UFA Le'Veon Bell Jets 28 $52,500,000 $13,125,000 $35,000,000 $27,000,000 2023 UFA David Johnson Cardinals 29 $39,000,000 $13,000,000 $31,882,500 $24,682,500 2022 UFA Devonta Freeman Falcons 28 $41,250,000 $8,250,000 $22,047,000 $18,297,000 2023 UFA
  15. I think for both TEN and Henry him staying in place is the best, for both sides. He's a great fit for that offense and that O-line and they understand how to tailor the offense for Henry's strengths. Maybe Henry could go somewhere else but those type of changes don't always work out, for the player or the new team.