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  1. Yeah early cost is cheap enough. Went in the 10th Rd of my latest BB, Fuller went in the 12th though too and I prefer him--esp in that format.
  2. Sternberger gonna be in the slot often from what I have read. EStB has some interesting traits/measurables, but needs a good camp showing to make the team.
  3. Yeah I have never been less optimistic about the season then today. I normally always back the players, but all parties need to get it together here. Maybe it is just deadline tactics, as per usual, with this type of big business negotiations? But if this continues to drag out, I can see the owners just shelving the season.
  4. I would take Hardman, even if it is immensely close. Younger and being attached to a 24 yr old MVP QB tilts it.
  5. No need to overthink it imo, I like Brown and all, but with how the RB position drops off in talent I would certainly keep Elliot and Jacobs at those prices.
  6. I am thinking he makes a serious run at 50 TDs again this year. Schedule looks a little rough when going off where last seasons defenses ranked, but not sure that is terribly static either. Really looking forward to that playoff push with at Miami, at NO and home for falcons in weeks 14-16.
  7. You are in baseball forum, but yes do that--and quickly.
  8. Did a best ball the other night and had him all queued up for a couple RDs and went other directions, was finally ready to select him and guy in front sniped me in RD15. I think his ADP will rise by Aug drafts, but it is beyond palatable currently.
  9. A's are gonna be total A-holes, huh? How the heck do these low level guys or guys that were low bonus late rounders even survive on that kinda money?
  10. Yeah it was an FFPC BB, just a $77 entry but pretty much all you can find on a 60 sec clock right now. Just mostly practice for the higher stakes ones I do in Aug! One guy was out of his mind (trying to affect draft I think) and took Lamar in 1st, Mahomes in 2nd, Murray in 3rd, Dak in 5th and Josh Allen in wildly changed the course of the draft imo, but was pretty well dead on by everyone else. My 3rd was Odell, followed by a slight reach in Akers in 4th, then Sutton in 5th, a reactionary Russ Wilson grab in 6th, then caught tail end of TE run and got Hurst 7th, and Hollywood Brown in the 8th. Other good values (imo) like; Ruggs in the 11th, McFarland/Pittman in 14th/15th slots and Joshua Kelley in 18th.
  11. After I took Henry, it went Lamar, and then followed: Jacobs, Mixon, Drake...then Kelce/Sanders on the turn followed by Adams, Ekeler, Chubb and Mahomes before I took A Jones.
  12. I went with Henry and then on the way back in the 2nd I nabbed Aaron Jones (CEH was the other consideration and he went directly after my pick).
  13. I did not, as I passed, it played out the way I suspected (as far as the 6 picks leading to me) and then Sanders was gone on the 12/13 turn.
  14. I have the #7 overall in a BB draft tonight. I have him in serious consideration for the pick. Know full well he won't make it back to me in the 2nd.
  15. I admit I thought I noticed that a bit early on--as far as him being inconsistent and bounce stuff...but something changed for him in that finish stretch. He was more decisive and really effective up the middle. There are stats that support that, just don't have them in front of me. His receiving skills were far better than I thought as well. His floor is really solid and ceiling is top notch, hence some helium in his hype.