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  1. Yeah I have been rolling with the Phins and obv need to make a swap after this week. I have similar choices (tho not KC)... Based on the choices you have listed I would lean Titans, not so much for actual defensive talent, but matchup and the fact that their offense is rolling.
  2. Vikes v Bears are tempting, but I think I'd roll with the Cards against the turnover machine known as Wentz.
  3. Plus Allen will go to the slot often and avoiding the 2 NE perimeter corners. Henry has also been coming on and is a total mismatch for the slow-footed NE linebackers (not to mention Ekeler when he works into space)...NE D has been rather up and down overall, but people are putting to much recency bias into play if shying away based on what an inaccurate and possibly compromised Murray did against them last week.
  4. Why on earth has Claypool disappeared from all the 3 WR goalline packages???
  5. ALL NEGATIVE TESTS RETURNED TODAY (don't mind all those positives tests from every day prior and also kinda today) My body is ready for some Wed afternoon ball!
  6. This franchise is just so poorly run, maybe they finally rectify that with a change from the top down...regardless Minshew has gotten unfairly scapegoated. He is one of the best 20-25 QBs in the NFL and should be starting for someone, but prob gets mothballed as a back-up for awhile unless some team ponies up a decent draft pick in the off-season.
  7. That is interesting. Do you happen to know if this is just week-to-week top plays or does it factor in the likelihood if a team has already been used??
  8. Yep, that is exactly the way it is trending imo. IF in the off chance the NFL is somehow forced to cancel a game and move into the 'doomsday scenario' of week 18, then it will go from 1 extra playoff team to 2...unlikely but it would only increase his odds of coming back if SF can pull off some W's in the meantime. He would also return (if cleared) to a wk 15 matchup against the dead-last v TE ranked DAL D, followed by a matchup against ARZ--a team he went down hurt against, and a team he has routinely smoked over the years.
  9. Fun facts: In the 42 games (less than 3 seasons) he has started he has 4,278 yards, 45 TDs, 3 games of 200+ yards and 20 games of 100+ yards.
  10. Still early in the week, but haven't really heard much -if anything- about how David Johnson is recovering? Given the Fuller loss, possible he continues to provide some PPR value?
  11. I think I am just gonna trust Mahomes/Reid this week and start researching WK14...
  12. The hold created the space, it was going nowhere otherwise. Hyde is a solid banger that will get what's there, create a tad on his own. With the schedule he makes sense not only as a handcuff, but also some stand-alone value too.
  13. Objectively it might lower Goedert's upside...but this team pretty much features 2 TE sets more than about any team. I can't see them taking DG off the field. Carson just stinks, but the schedule will feature plenty of garbage time. In this TE landscape (with his usage), he is an easy top 8 weekly play--which is basically what I have been saying for awhile here.