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  1. It is prob fair for him to ask for a modest raise, which obv his agent did...and was rebuffed, so he went to social media to gripe (dumb imo). I believe I saw a tweet that said at his current salary he is around the top 20 overall compensated back...which ain't bad considering his limited track record.
  2. He's almost always going off the board by the late 1st or in rare cases on the way back of the snake in the 13/14/15 overall area. In many high stakes best balls (myFFPC) I have observed him going in the 6th to 10th overall range too--to the point that it isn't strange to see anymore.
  3. Mariners manager Scott Servais praised Kyle Lewis' physical condition during a Zoom call with reporters on Sunday. Lewis finally put his knee issues in the rearview last season and in September delivered an .885 OPS with five home runs over his first 18 major league games. He used the shutdown to work with private hitting, speed, and strength coaches. “Coming back from a very serious knee injury, it takes time,” Servais said. “You might be physically strong and everything checks out, but it’s always in the back of your head. That’s what it looks like to me, that it’s kind of freed him up now. ... The ceiling, the upside for Kyle, the sky is the limit." I think it was easy to lose sight of how long a full recovery can take (from a gruesome knee issue)...him being even further down that road can only make rounding out his game possible. Very interested to watch him this season, I would invest on the cheap in deeper dynasty formats while the window is open.
  4. Noticed this today in Mike Clay's excellent CB/WR season matchup column: "Detroit is set to face the easiest slate in all three of our categories: overall, against No. 1 receivers and against the slot. Golladay will generally receive No. 1 WR's pretty clear sledding for this group, as the Lions will face 12 CB units I have ranked in the bottom half of the league and only one I have ranked better than ninth (Saints)"
  5. Yeah he is def one of my favorite TEs to nab, given his really affordable ADP. Dak seems to really like throwing those shorter/intermediate routes, and this guy knows how to work open and then get yards after the catch (he has averaged almost 12 yards a grab)--it was amazing to watch Witten just literally catch and fall to the ground repeatedly. Between Witten, Cobb and Tavon Austin there are 190 targets from last year unaccounted for. Obviously Lamb is quite likely to pick up the lions share of those, but there are plenty for Jarwin to assume. They would appear to be a base 11 team (meaning he's gonna be consistently on the field), and with a meh defense I can see plenty of weeks where Jarwin will be as involved as their top WRs. He is a great bet to get 85+ targets with upside for more, this is certainly a recipe for one of the yearly lower ranked TEs that emerge to be a --top 10 at the position-- type of asset.
  6. Man, even with the general debacle the year 2020 has been, Dak just manages to keeps the Ws coming.
  7. Seems like a lot of talk about being bad in pass pro, something that the data does not appear to back up: Pass Blocking Reps: 43rd out of 349 FBS RB qualifiers Pass Blocking Grade: 35th out of 349 FBS RB qualifiers According to the PFF numbers, he actually appears to be plus in his protection. Something the Titans must have identified considering they ask their RBs to pass block at a higher rate than any other team in the NFL--27% of the time. Makes sense given their high usage of play-action stuff. I think he is also dynamite as a rusher, I had him in the same overall pre-draft tier as Swift. I think there is a lot to like about him for redraft (as a priority/premier handcuff) and as a dynasty prospect--just in case Henry is somehow let to walk after his tag this year. This is an ascending offense with a good core line that is predicated on running a ton.
  8. Not much in the way of splashy traits in his profile, but very little in the way of obvious weaknesses too. Solid size at 5'11" and 218, good combination of wiggle (feet) and power to break tackles. His speed isn't a standout tool, with a 4.62 forty time at the Combine, it is maybe a tick above serviceable. I've seen scouts praise his vision, and esp his pass blocking. His receiving chops and routes are probably his most clear strength--PFF charted him with just one drop on 55 targets in 2019, overall checking in with 40 grabs for 262 yards and five touchdowns. Brugler had him rated as the 7th best RB in the draft. I think he has a few things going for him, in both redraft and dynasty: -Gase is clearly not a fan of Lev Bell, and has already openly talked of reducing his role in the upcoming season. -draft capital is not immense but still a factor for him being a top of the 4th Rd selection. Has to be the highest pick Gase has used on a RB. -the depth chart is not daunting, he needs to beat out Trenton Cannon, Josh Adams and the ghost of Kenneth Dixon. -offensive line looks to be much improved--prob a relative assertion, but still noteworthy. -the early season schedule is more difficult than the back half, so IF they decide to trade Bell he could get some interesting run. -his price tag in the rookie drafts I've done is more than affordable at this point...all in all a pretty smart dart throw imo.
  9. I'd drop Fitz for a dart toss RB too...some of my deep dive favs that should be available: JaMycal Hasty SF, Eno Benjamin ARZ, Raymond Calais TB, James Robinson JAC... Maybe Jordan Wilkins from IND if he can play his way onto a different team/better situation?
  10. Yeah I pretty routinely take 2 kickers and at least 2 Ds...often times 3 Ds
  11. I was just on the clock in a recent 14 team rookie draft and took Gibson at #14 overall over those guys. They are were on my short list (PPR) but I just like Gibson as a talent more and had no needs.
  12. Pretty great intersection of available touches and awesome talent. After reviewing some of his tape and crude measurables, I am very much on board with Gibby.
  13. I am a big Gallup guy, but the other 3 just have a lot more value imo.
  14. I think it benefits the backfield in general, sure. IF Cam is right with his foot, he can extend plays at an elite level...that allows White to run his routes and work open underneath against LBs for big chunks of yardage.
  15. As someone that has played in a higher stakes 16 team league since 2000 and several other 16 team dynasty leagues, you are looking just fine. Things get so different in the middle and esp late rounds in that setup. The wire in the early season is so critical.
  16. Haven't seen anyone say it yet (on da twitter) but he seems like he might be the single biggest beneficiary of a Cam led NE offense--given it's current make up.
  17. I kinda like him this year, yeah he won't ever be a volume-based WR1 type, but he can still be awfully useful. Let's not pretend that Lamar is a finished product--esp as a passer. I think he can continue to improve and possibly run less by design, and Brown is very green and should only improve too. I've been able to nab him in the middle of the 8th Rd and 9th Rd in some of the best balls I've completed, I think that has some great profit potential--esp considering that format.
  18. IF you are choosing to do a short season, money stakes or not, then utilize the CBS 'commish' platform (for free!) and a vast majority of your league will see why they can charge for their service.
  19. I'd personally take the luxury and gain the very solid chance at having 3 top 10 QBs...but I am not a draft for need type either. Clearly your WRs lack, but Lamb, Ruggs or Reagor or not putting you over the top in 2020. You can gain much more equity in this format imo. Burrow is the top player available and you get him at 4th overall, big win.
  20. Yeah Staffy was having a pretty great season until he broke his back. If he continues to light it up, you should be able to fetch a good WR for him. Either way, it will be pretty nice to rotate him or Burrow based on matchups throughout the season, and you could still trade back into the late 1st or early 2nd and nab a Ruggs or Reagor too.
  21. Def keep Hunt, he has some standalone flex value and is a RB1 if anything befalls Chubb, and he also could become very valuable as a 5th next if he signs into a feature back role in a good situation!
  22. I am actually pretty shocked that in this format Burrow wouldn't be #1 overall with a bullet. I guess it depends on how many teams? I have had one rookie draft back in early May and now have another one that starts tmrw...14 teams PPR with a SuperFlex spot, Burrow will assuredly go #1 overall and Tua won't slip out of the top 5 imo. QBs are very difficult to acquire there.
  23. I certainly am. Burrow did things on the field last year that were almost other-worldly. His football intangibles are off-the-charts imo, knowing where to go with the ball in a complex system and his ball placement/accuracy lead me to believe he will make an impact immediately in the NFL. Tua seems like he will need a year to adjust and possibly get healthy, I just worry about his availability year-in and year-out.
  24. Just one small snapshot (and not aware of his actual ADP currently) but he was taken at 7.1 in myFFPC best ball the other week. Insane value, esp considering how RBs were (and are) flying off the board. A few people have tried getting him from me in my 16 team PPR dynasty, but nothing I even considered pulling the trigger on. We start 2 RB and have 2 flex spots and I am very fortunate in a league that deep to have White as a match-up flex after my main 3 RBs of Barkley/Kamara/A Jones.
  25. Burrow can help this year and is a top 10 dynasty asset in a 2QB format imo. Don't worry about needs right now. Is there any way you can get back into the middle-to-late 1st? Might be worth it depending how draft falls? I love Ruggs both as an instant WR2 for this year and with his ceiling for the future.